Review: Uncharted 4: Thief? S End? Perfect Finish For Sony’s Flagship Series

After 10 years, it is hard to recognize the fact that Encharted 4 is the last in the Enschede series, and will be the last thing we saw from Drake, the charismatic and graceful hero of the Enschede series. I started with mixed feelings, I was happy from the moment the box opened, weeks before I began counting the hours. But when I put the CD on the console, it hit me, this is my last time with Drake, there will be no more epic adventures, and in a few hours, one of the best series of Playstation history will be behind me. But for everything good in the gaming world there is an end, and what never ends, becomes less good over time , it is not impossible. No one wanted to see it happen to Drake, certainly not me. And I’m not happy to announce it, Encharted 4 completes the series that was engraved to millions of fans in the heart, and no one will be disappointed. A few years after the third game in which Nietzsche Drake promised to retire, he was institutionalized with his wife Alina Fisher whom he knows from the first game and works in regular work where he has to save commercial goods buried deep in the ocean and he maneuvers between dives And boring office work. He lives a normal life with his wife in a modest house in the city, they argue about who will do the dishes and talk about the day and lead a routine life, which we are not used to seeing the couple in question. The next morning Drake sits in the office and takes care of office work that includes lots of signatures and lots of pages until there is a knock on the door.

My brother, my brother? Through the door is Sam, Brother Drake II, and those of whom Nietzn’s knowledge has died 15 years after an unsuccessful attempt to escape from prison in Panama. After the two meet and Venet tells Sam about everything he has been through for the last three games for a long time, it turns out Sam has serious problems. In jail, he would talk to his cellmate about the lost treasure of Henry Avery, one of the most famous pirates in history who has been told that he hid a $ 400 million treasure . In his stories, Sam pointed out that the first thing he would do when he came out was to start looking for that treasure. Unfortunately for Sam, his cellmate is a big drug baron called Hector Alaksar who smuggled him out of jail and asked Sam, I want half, you have three months?. What brings our heroes to the dilemma? Do I lie to my wife and get back from my promise to save my brother? Or should I not risk what I have?. If he had chosen the first option, there would not have been a game, so that brings us to the second option that brings the Drake brothers and Sally to the big journey of their lives, to find Henry Avery’s lost treasure and save Sam. But as far as the story is concerned, I will not want to destroy anyone. What I can and must talk about is building the characters. Nietz Drake is a character that has been built for a decade in four games.

We know Drake a little differently, still eager but also smarter, he understands that no treasure is worth what he has in his hands? That this is his little family with his wife Alina and Sally used to resemble a father but mostly, he is his best friend. Drake’s doubts about his journey are prominent throughout the game and the player will share with Drake the big dilemma and will not be safe until the end of the journey if it’s all worth it or not. The relationship between Drake and Elina is the most interesting and most established relationship that has ever been in gaming, it has been built slowly for three games and what we see on Encharted 4 is their relationship at its peak. When Drake lies to Alina about going to work in Malaysia instead of the real story, , Partners lie, so I at least felt. The writers of Nauty Dog have managed to make this relationship as interesting as ever in the gaming world and moments of happiness and sadness of this couple, these things will enter every fan in memory. And what about gameplay? The plot is excellent, that we understood. What about the action? With the riddles? With the types? We’ll start from one of the things you will do the most in the game, climb, to climb in another game a new friend, a great shame that uses Nitan throughout the game. You will find yourself swaying on him quite a bit, going down with him, climbing with him, shooting when you hold him , jumping on enemies, breaking things with him and pulling things with him and multiplayer you can even use him with weapons for killing at one shot at close range. This add-on to the game is really in place and is used in a great way that adds a lot to the creativity required in the new style of Encoder4 that encourages creativity and several ways for the same purpose. A little pity that he added only the last game that could have been nice if he had existed from the beginning, but did not cry for spilled milk. Regardless of the rope, the climb in the game feels great and the system reached its climax with the most seamless type in the series history as expected from the first game of the series on the current generation.

The system will be more simple and forgiving for new players, and much more satisfying for veterans. There are quite a few slides at Anchorage 4, which instead of just being there, they are an important and significant part of the game and include a lot more than the soup to slide But it is a great system that is used a lot in one of the chapters in Scotland, there is a lot that might irritate them but I personally enjoyed the stage and the formality of building the stage. Another thing that has been added and does not justify a whole paragraph is a kind of knife whose only use is to grab walls that are designed for this and give a little more depth to the climbing stages beyond the unconscious click on the X button. This is a nice addition but not one of the things that will be remembered from the series, yet it does not detract in any way. If we’re already building the stages, we’ll throw a word at the talented team at Nauti Dog that built the climbing segments in a great way, with lots of options and lots more dead endings to make it a bit more challenging. The work done in this regard made the game type much more interesting and much more satisfying, and it is worth a lot in a game that relies quite a bit on this matter. Leave climbing and cliffs, talk to me in action! When I played at Enschede for the first time, it was still playing mostly on the computer, during one of the visits to the uncles, my cousin introduced me to his good friend, Nietz Drake. Before he handed me the sign, he did two things, defined the difficulty level for Hard, and dropped the clues. And so he started a habit that has existed since then, each game start on the highest level of difficulty available, and I think this is the way to play Encharted 4. It is important to note this because I may write things that will sound strange to you if you are playing at an easier level, for example the intelligence of enemies that may be lower.

In any case, for example: Encharted 4 does not try to deviate from the winning formula of its predecessors and leave the system of shelter and fire? On the fence, the only thing that changes in this section is the feeling that does not stop improving from game to game. Those of you who liked Encharted 3 the option to throw the grenade back to the enemy will probably be disappointed to find out that this is not something that exists in the current game, there is no obvious reason but I can guess 2 possible reasons, or it is not really realistic and they want to make the game at least Arkady. Or it significantly eliminated the difficulty in shooting battles and they wanted to return the challenge to the game. The truth is that it has made the shooting battles much easier and I am quite fine with the matter. The battles are much more interesting. It is impossible to sit behind the same shelter for the rest of the days without being damaged To shelter under fire. An important system to talk about is the stealth system. Stealth has always been in Anz-Vert but not on a high enough level, Encharted 4 has come to change the matter and turns stealth into much more interesting and engaging. It starts with a new system for marking enemies , so you will not be surprised and plan your operation properly. One of the important things added to sustain this stealthy thing is. Grass, high grass where Drake can hide from his enemies, is a very important addition and brings to life perfectly the new stealth system. Apart from other ways to kill the enemies, it turns out that there are steps you can go through without killing a single person, which makes the game much more interesting and challenging, for example? One of the trophies to be achieved is to finish one of the Scotland regions without killing one person or being caught, successfully trophy hunters! The best addition to the Anzertad series ever One of the additions I like best is the transportation tools that take a serious part in the new game.

There are several stages with a jeep and one stage with a boat. In these stages, you can walk around in huge areas with your vehicles and make a lot more of them to continue the original story, like exploring the environment and searching for treasures and letters. I can testify that at every stage of transportation I took the time and turned around for a few minutes in the given environment to explore as much of the open area as possible in the stage . Even with the ensembles there are a number of puzzles that are not difficult but are certainly satisfying and interesting and that realize all the potential in adding vehicles to the game. Encharted 4 is not an open world game, but there’s a lot to explore. A question I’ve been asked a lot lately is: Is it an open world game ?? The answer is no, Encharted 4 is not an open game, but, it is also not as close as its predecessors. Encharted 4 contains countless treasures that can be collected, amazing letters that reveal stories that happened in the places where the letters were found , optional conversations or a certain action . The world is full of things to do and explore and it is highly recommended to take the time and travel around the area where you are, even if you are in a car or a boat, do not be shy to go out for a moment, the spectacular world of Encharted is full of surprises, be sure to experience as many of them as possible. The puzzles? The best of the whole series One last thing I’ll talk about in the game is the puzzles, Encharted 4 includes quite a few puzzles, they do not get up to the level of being stuck for hours but they are very interesting, and the satisfaction when passing each one is outstanding. In addition to thinking, the puzzles will also include a type that includes more than the usual types of buildings, explosions, mathematics and. The puzzles on Enschede 4 are for my taste the best of the series and they were absolutely done perfectly, I have no complaints and I enjoyed them very much. Multiplayer’s multi-player multiplayer is much different from the previous multiplayer.

The CO OP was removed from the game to the regret of its liking, but the player’s experience against the player has become much better and unique, which may hold the multiplayer alive more than the previous games held. The main change is the special abilities added to the game that make it a much more interesting and colorful game. The Enclosure 4 Multiplayer can hold on for a few hours, and if you want to open all the weapons, movements and special powers of your own loadouts,. What should not be boring in Multiplayer, which in general does a good job in relation to being part of a game that relies mainly on the Singleflier. Incidentally, it is important to note that the multiplayer runs at 60FPS. One of the most beautiful games graphically in the current generation Encharted 4 is one of the most beautiful games in the current generation if not the most beautiful, you can get a sense of interest from the pictures I took in the game. The scenery is amazing, the world feels alive, the beaches of Madagascar look so good it makes you want to jump into the sea, the vegetation is wild and is everywhere as expected from the jungle and did not save in detail on any leaf and the light and shadow look perfect. The facial expressions of the characters make Drake’s most emotional journey much more exciting and live with expressions that perfectly express the feelings of the characters at any given time in the excellent cut scenes of the game. All the characters look perfect and are presented in one of the best ways that characters have ever been seen on the current generation. The game runs at 30 frames per second, which does not hurt the game at all, and those of you who can not stand 30 frames per second will work out. Encharted 4 sends Drake to retirement in the best way possible with a perfect ending to the Nauty Dogg masterpiece series.

On the one hand, I will miss, along with millions of fans of the series. On the other hand, I’m glad that’s how we part from the charismatic hero and the series, before it gets too windy and too late. I’m very curious about the future projects of Nauty Dog.

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