Review: Destiny 2? The Journey Continues, But The Road Is Long

I thanked the past and will do it again, I was strong alongside the skeptics for Destiny’s release somewhere in 2014. With all the hype around the game whose marketing campaign cost about $ 100 million, I felt that the audience waiting to be disappointed was growing up. Then I played beta, since that beta, I spent more hours than a human can count, I met a lot of friends, five of whom have been with me for over two years already strong in matters beyond the mass killing of aliens, and I have accumulated countless gaming experiences that will remain forever etched in my heart. I will not lie, the expectations I reached with Destiny 2 were very large. Especially after the release of the last 2 expansions in the first game, which were outstanding, after the first lame year of the first game. Three years have passed since the first game, and the second game changes the game completely, how good is it? Let’s talk about it. The campaign is overwhelming but not groundbreaking. Light is the Guardians’ power, making them immortal fighters and the leading force defending the last city and the last inhabitants of the planet. Guardians receive their power from a mysterious planet called the Traveler. No one knows how he works or what he is trying to achieve, but his power is the strongest in the universe and no other.

What is just shining to Cabal, our enemies from the first game who are making a comeback and big. The rich background in Destiny is full of the Kabal’s tales of blowing up planets as a hobby and they basically aim to control the galaxy. Dominus Gauhl? The reigning ruler of the Caval, saw the Traveler’s power and decided to take it over and control Light. Something that takes away from our Guardians what distinguishes them from the rest. Right here, I was kicked into Destiny 2’s game campaign. Full of expectations for a far better campaign than what we received in the first Destiny. And I’m happy to say that in this aspect there was no fall. Destiny 2’s campaign is certainly much better than the first one. How does this manifest itself? From the first to the last task, the game and the characters in it accompanied me through amazing moments graphically and epic in terms of the action and from the viewpoints and breathtaking images I encountered. Destiny 2’s campaign knows exactly what the game is all about and it plays superbly on the good points. During the campaign the game’s excellent gameplay.

Alongside these, the cinematic segments that accompany the old characters are excellent and many more than the sections we won in the first game, which of course helps to convey the story better. The dialogues during the campaign and the missions are those that steal the show. When characters like Failsafe, Cayde-6 and a few more characters will make you giggle or laugh. In addition to the main story there is also something more like side missions and these are the Adventures. Smaller tasks that the NPC brings to each star, and they mostly expand the game world and the secondary stories and background stories. These tasks were also very good, and they are good for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of the game . The Destiny 2 story is ultimately better than its predecessor, but it is not revolutionary or re-in any way, nor pretends to be. However, it is very enjoyable and goes through a great variety and fun and we see that thought has been invested in building the campaign’s tasks, which is excellent. Whether it’s in movies or games, Maug will enjoy Destiny 2’s campaign. And who did not? Will enjoy shooting any enemy that moves towards it, because that is the best Distani.

Destiny 1 was very successful in everything related to gameplay from the weapons and the unique abilities of the class to dance. He was so successful that it could even be said that this saved the game from an even more painful fall in his first year in the market. When I put my hands on the beta of the second game, I could not help but let out a sigh of relief, the weapons still feel great, and every aspect of them is sitting in a stamp instead, whether it’s the futuristic and sleek or old look and simple according to the manufacturer, and the sound of the weapons is just music to the ears. The excellent base of the gameplay in Destiny continues for the second game in the series. First Destiny was the best game for those who wanted to eliminate countless aliens with the Boyfriend. And Destiny 2 continues to be that. But with some changes, positive and less positive. For example, the snipers, snipers and laser guns threw into the category of heavy weapons, which reduces their availability mainly in pvp. Due to the difficulties of Bungee to balance their use during the first three years of Destiny. The classics also experienced significant changes, the Hunters were forced to part from the Blink and to absorb insults from their Vorluk friends,.

Almost all subclasses in the game experienced changes, and Verlak had no more self-resuscitation ability when the Sunsinger became a Dawnblade, allowing him to send some sort of fire swords at enemies. The defending Titans got a shield they could throw and hit with enemies, and the Antlers got a longer Blade-Dancer and looked and behaved a little differently. All these changes are what ultimately give the feeling of a completely different game, and they are mostly in place. Unfortunately there is nothing new under the Traveler. The enemies we met in the previous game, continued with us to this game, without too many changes if not at all and without too much variety. What I personally failed. Yes, Caval reached their time to shine and try to blow up the planet. But could at least plant the roots of a whole new enemy seed. In AI, I have not felt any major changes since the first game, and those looking for the challenge will find it mostly in Knightpool and Braid, and no more. Which brings us to the next issue: What happens after the campaign? Have you finished the campaign and even the side missions? Well done, welcome to Destiny 2! The level-up method we met in the midlife course of the first game, of course continues now, and once you reach the maximum 20 level, the most critical thing will be your Light Level, which, when writing the maximum article, is 305.

How will you get there? So there are several ways: The first way I used mainly is Heroic Public Events, every planet in the game has a number of activities that read once in a while, all the players in that server see when and where these activities happen,. Each activity has a secret trigger, a certain action that the game does not indicate, and in fact will turn normal social activity into a heroic social activity that will give more equal prizes to the participants once the activity has succeeded. As one who did not admire the Public Events in the first game to say the least, I will note that in Destiny 2 they have improved significantly and are really fun and rewarding, I will not lie, they are not the most challenging after a few times but the magic of the first times covers that. The improvement is obviously significant and I do not recommend any player to skip this activity in the game. Other actions are Strikes and Nightfall Strikes. Let’s pause for a moment on the Nightfall: In the first game, the idea was simple: Regular Strike from the selection we know, only much harder and with modifiers The actors are dead? Returning to the main menu and starting from the jump, the 3-player NatPaul was one of the funniest things in Detiny 1. Especially in its first and cruel form, and even after the small changes. The thing is not like that at NatPaul Destiny 2 and, frankly, the Nathfull is one of my biggest disappointments. The current version of the Nathfull will not bring back all the participants. But she will put a 15-minute timer to finish the activity, which is supposed to be taken with care and caution.

The only way to extend the timer is to shoot something on the map. When I went into Knightpool for the second week of the game, I went out because of the acute changes I did not want, and I went on my way to keep going up Light Level,. The other way to go up is the Milestones? Weekly milestones, which will lead to prizes and the last and favorite way to talk now is Tokens. A Destiny player will rise and fall on tokens, each NPC in the game can almost give players prizes for bringing 20 designated tokens that can be collected in different ways. For example, if we play pvp we get pvp tokens that we will pass to Lord Shax for prizes that will help us to rise in Light Level. The same is true if Gunsmith is given weapons parts that we receive from Legendary disarmament and much more. The tokens format may feel rewarding and is addictive because of the immediate sense of reward with ease? Of getting the equipment but this system was designed to net players to plow more, and more. By the way, not that it should surprise anyone, the endless grind is always part of games like Destiny and his ilk, and although it is not surprising, it angers that a lazy drop system replaced the beloved Bounties system from the first game for no apparent reason. A lot of the players do not like the change incidentally, and the players in Radit even gave the second game? The Token King?. And how can we not talk about the loot boxes in these lucrative days.

The latest phenomenon and the terrible taste of the gaming world, did not skip Distani and continues from the first game in which they presented us with Tess Evervese and the things she offers with real money. But how awful is Destiny 2? In fact it’s not at all. The only annoying thing is that, because of the boxes of graceful surprises, they completely broke the beloved shaders system, and instead of being able to keep our shidars forever and for endless use, they are usable once and to use the whole set, we will of course need exactly 4 shaders of the same type , Without counting the weapons. In any case, the boxes of surprise can also be obtained from rising levels so the matter is less severe than it might sound. And frankly, I did not feel even a little irritation to spend on money matter. What makes a good Destani game is a good ride. For those of us who do not know, Raid is the central End Game in the game. It connects together 6 players for a series of goals to be completed, bosses to kill and puzzles to solve. Hints on the way to a solution. Which makes the RID solution blindly . I went into the Rade team with my regular team, and as always with the regular Raid team in Blind Ride attempts, I got one of my best experiences in the gaming world. The satisfaction of solving and breaking the riddles and bosses together with good friends is a satisfaction that is difficult to find in other games from the genre, and there is nothing to replace laughter and nervous attacks at 2 AM in all the rush.

In terms of mechanics, without too many spoilers, the vein is undoubtedly impressive. Are we actually entering the huge ferry to which the last ruler of the Caval was exiled? Emperor Calus. And he puts the Guardians in a series of challenges that, if passed, will have the privilege of meeting him. The reed is full of interesting bits and sounds, and it took us not a little time to identify the solution, all in all? Recommend to anyone who can, play with a team that never played, and try to solve the blind blindly, it’s worth it. The Crucible? The place where true heroes are created , The first game pvp was the thing I loved most in the last few years in gaming, the reward for being a good player was great, and the battles between good players were exciting and interesting. Over a thousand hours of my life spilled into the successful Crucible in the first game, especially in Rumble and Trials of Osiris, hours of specialization and professionalism in every gameplay that exists and knows every corner And every map. The feeling in the first game was that as a single player you could win a whole set of enemies. The sense of heroism was tremendous and it added a lot of stress to the game. Everything was in the right direction towards the end with the launch of the Private Matches and support for Esports and everyone was waiting to see the progress in Destiny 2. On paper everything would look in the direction, reducing all game modes to groups of 4 against 4, which creates more competition.

And by exiting the snipers and shtogans to the heavy weapons category and thus minimizing their use, in order to provide an experience that is more reminiscent of Halo. In addition to this, two new and competitive newcomers were added? Countdown, a game mode in which one group needs to plant a bomb and the other to neutralize. And Survival? In which the entire opposing team has to be killed several times, the last team wins. Two very tactical and very interesting thanks, but there is mourning. The sense of heroism from the first game has disappeared, when in this game the player depends on his team to win, it is positive that the game has become more group, but to a certain limit. And that border will be crossed as soon as a single player feels completely helpless and the last player against a team feels that his chances are zero,. The time it takes to kill an enemy player has increased, and bang? The players have taken almost everything that can kill in one hit, and the result is devastating, the game has become slow, unemotional and lacking in interest, and Bangi must do something to save the pvp from death Mida Multi Tool. The Trials of the nine? Heir to Trials of Osiris. Falls into the same problem because it is built of 2 competitive admissions that are deficient due to problems of balance and poor decision making during development. And that’s a shame, because that’s also Maud I spent many hours in the first game.

I hope Bangy will do well and listen to the advice of the players that slowly lose confidence. It is important to note! The PvP game is not bad and there are not many people who will enjoy it very much. But are such fundamental changes what were needed? If you ask me no, but the answer can change from player to player. Grifka and Soundtrack: With almost everything in this critique arguable, with one thing impossible, Destiny 2 is nothing less than a fabulous game. The criticism was made on the PS4 Pro and with the power of the console and a good screen, the campaign provides some spectacular sights, whether it is peaceful landscapes on earth or the chaos in Io. Everything looks just good. The guys in Bangkok did a great job, which would undoubtedly be translated into the computer at the height of its development. Computer players? There’s nothing to expect. The soundtrack of the game continues to be good after the predecessor’s soundtrack was excellent. The moments of epic action are accompanied by the powerful music of a large orchestra and all create a very complete feeling among the actors.

It seems that they have adapted every rhythm to every part of the game, and to eliminate aliens in the spectacular world of the game, it is much more fun with the excellent music that accompanies the matter. All in all, Bangi did a great job in soundtrack and graphics. In conclusion: Destiny 2 continues what his predecessor did well at the base and adds personal touch.

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