Game Review: Persona 5? The Game Will Steal Your Heart And Time

The game was released exclusively to Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 in Japan in September 2016 and the rest of the world on April 4 after several rejections and the main plot will put you in the shoes of a regular high school boy who saved a girl from sexual assault? He himself was charged with assault after the prosecution of that nasty man. Which leads him to a conditional year in Tokyo where he should behave like a normal student and not make trouble. The whole game will do just that. Ha and there is the real bit of stealing the hearts of bad adults. How does it work out? In fact, very good. The person who plays the role of our hero robbed what looks like a casino in Tokyo, jump from chandelier to chandelier without understanding too much about what is happening around us The game begins to explain us the most basic mechanics and presents us for the first time the coolest battle menu I’ve ever seen in a turn-based game, before we get too deep in it too much battle is over and we continue on the runway. Outside, a lot of cars have been waiting outside and we have been told that one of our Phantom Thieves has informed the authorities about the team’s activities. The next few minutes bring the player into the dark world of the game with a serious slap , and in those minutes witnessed a rather fierce police violence against a high school boy with a bruised face in a dark interrogation room. After a few minutes of total lack of understanding, the game will bring us back a year, to the first right in Tokyo, and from there slowly the game begins to open, in fact most of the first few hours are mainly a story with small jumps to the world of perverse desires of a deviant and exploitative teacher to learn more about the world this.

And during these hours the game explains most of the fungus and what to know in a game in a way that blends beautifully with the story and will lead the player to feel that he is simply in a long series of training. The first hours of the game are driven as I mentioned above, by the palace of the twisted desires of one of the teachers in the high school of our heroes, the teacher called Kamushida is a former Olympic medalist who now trains a school volleyball team and is admired by locals and his success makes him want far beyond To the normal, which causes him to relate to all his players in the group he trains as slaves, and abuse them physically and mentally, along with sexual harassment of the girls and cheap and difficult manipulations bordering on very difficult subjects rarely touched by gaming . Everyone knows what Kamushida is doing, but no one is doing anything to stop it, not the students, not the parents, not the authorities who know everything. Therefore, our heroes who received a mysterious gift in the form of an app on a cell phone that allows him to enter the parallel world built of dark desires, decides to put an end to it. During the preparations for and learning about the strange world, he knows a number of friends who will accompany him during the game. The first is Morgana? A cat with the ability to speak to our heroes and friends with abilities, and of course to fight in the dark world, he can not remember how he got into a cat, who he is and where he came from, but he is the source of information about the whole world of dark desires. Then you know Ryug? Sakamoto? A hot-tempered young man the age of our hero, a blond brat who often cursed and sprung from school and was not too sympathetic by teachers and schoolchildren because of circumstances in his life. Van Takamaki? A girl in our hero’s class, a beautiful blonde dreaming of a modeling and captivating career. They all want to take revenge on Kamushida for their own reasons, and they decide to steal his heart through his palace of twisted desires. but how? With their individualities, our group has a special ability, that is, they have the ability to change the real world through the parallel world.

Every one of our heroes has Persona? Another personality unrelated to gender or the appearance of man, these are his most internal qualities. I do not go over the personals to avoid unnecessary spoilers. But I will note that the moments in which the characters reveal their persona are amazing moments, in order to summon the persona they need to remove their mask and reveal their true face. Can not turn these moments into amazing moments, and indeed they are. Each time these moments are most epic and rightly so, and they are done in a phenomenal way that adds a lot to that character. So what is the parallel world? The palaces can be said, fifty percent of the game actively and nearly 80 percent if you also consider preparations for each of them. What is known in the gaming world more as Dungeons is called in Persona 5 Palaces and they are actually how evil sees the world, back to Mr. Kamushida the perverted teacher? In his world he sees himself as king and school as his kingdom . Every palace has a treasure that is actually all evil desires of that wicked person, and he must steal. The palaces in Persona 5 were all designed by the developers . And the thought that was invested is tremendous.

This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced in this kind of game, with traps and treasure chests in every corner of the palace that is not always easy to reach. The puzzles in the palaces are not too harsh but sometimes they can cause a few minutes of thought. Between puzzle and door to door we will have to make our way through a lot of enemies from shelter to shelter and fight their part in the mechanics of battle in the phenomenal teachings of the game which we will talk at length later on. Next to the palaces that represent the main story, is the Mementos? Not everyone has a palace of twisted desires in mind, but only for people whose twisted desires are really strong, like, really powerful. The rest of the world has the Mementos. It happens on the subway and this, unlike the palaces, has been created randomly during trips there. Sometimes the group will be asked to go there and take care of smaller problems, such as a school thug or Stoker chasing his ex-obsessively. All this through the Phan-site where fans of our heroes thieves write about their everyday problems in the hope that their heroes will help them. They are also a nice and rewarding experience, but much less intense than the palaces, and you can understand why, overall the Mementos side activities provide an excellent experience and enjoyable battles with all the mini bosses encountered. A problem that has to mention this increase in the retention problem, can easily be lost 40 minutes of progress in one small mistake in battle.

Is this something that comes from gray surfaces where there are no Safe Rooms? The only places in palaces where you can save progress. And this can lead to frustration and defeat, there is the challenging issue of course, and it is respectable, but it could be a little less tough with the players. It is not something that destroys the game or breaks it, but it was nice to see a little more Checkpoints along the way. The battle system? A battle in turns has never been more fun. We all know combat systems in gaming theory, especially from higher profile games such as Pokemon and Final Fantasy. However, I personally never got too close to it. And with the hand of the heart I can say that in Person 5 it was done in the best possible way. Persona’s battle system is amazing. It also incorporates accessibility and friendliness for new players through an amazing, accessible menu and one that is fun to manipulate and also challenging the more experienced players with the toughest level of the game . As with any self-respecting RPG, there is the HP and SP meter, which must be jealously guarded, and will actually dictate the pace of the battle. Each group has its persona, and each persona has strengths and weaknesses that require planning in advance and the proper use of the abilities available to the player. The entire battle system is built on trial and error. The ultimate goal is to know how to exploit all the enemy’s weaknesses and to finish the battle before the enemy has any chance of attacking, of course using minimal SP, so as not to waste such an important and difficult commodity in the parallel world.

Even the enemies, like the heroes, are people, and therefore they too have weaknesses that if you take advantage you will get another turn when the enemy is on his knees. Download all enemies using their weak points? Can you finish the work with? All out-attack? A powerful attack of all the gang in the game completes the lives of all enemies with a cool finish screen in levels. Or if you favor flowers in a barrel, you can talk to the enemy and reach a compromise. The first and most important option is to ask for his power, which will lead to a two-question dialogue. If the enemy is satisfied, you will receive the persona for your arsenal and you can use it in battles. Other options are to ask for money or an object, which is what you can ask if you already have the same persona in Arsenal. Because of the matter of trial and error, the game becomes challenging every time you meet a new enemy, and you have to try as many as one line and beware of death in line of that enemy, we still do not completely know what its capabilities. And if our heroes are dead, we’ll go back a few minutes to the last safe room, from experience? It’s not pleasant. With time, I developed a certain intuition about the weakness of enemies according to their appearance or strength, and when the evaluation turns out to be correct later in the game, it is very rewarding and gives a feeling of accomplishment and success, which I have not experienced in any previous style game. In addition to the enemy’s weaknesses, there are many other variables, such as a combination of 2 elements to create a strong and technical attack, that is? If an enemy goes up in flames, it can be attacked with a spirit and this will lead to a stronger blow than any regular beating. The complexity they managed to put into the system is simple and eye-catching, amazing.

The bosses’ battles are another story. Here there is no magic spell that will put the boss on his knees and make him plead for his life. Every mechanics in every battle is completely different from the battles we know, and in the battles the bosses have no choice but to die a number of times while learning how to take off the boss as safely as possible without having to get in the head and die again. To die in a Boss in Persona, with all the frustration as there is always in death, is a terrible experience to teach and after every loss you feel more ready for the big challenge. When the battles are over, it’s always a nerve-racking and suspenseful game in the hope that luck will go with the player and that the AI will be mistaken. A player who goes with everything on an attack will lose very quickly, and the decisions must be balanced and wise even for five more steps ahead. A player who does not think properly will be punished, and at the difficult level of the game? The smallest mistake leads to death. Another interesting mechanics that has less to do with battle is the ability to sacrifice 2 people to create a whole new and stronger one that will inherit one of the castles of the people who have been sacrificed. This game is called Fusion and you may find yourself playing hours of thought in order to make your arsenal of personalities The strongest arsenal you can hold. There’s no way to explain why it’s so fun, but something in the accessible menus and the sense of reward when you find the best result just makes it one of the things I loved most about the game. Who knew that routine was so interesting? Between one madness and another madness in the parallel world, our heroes and friends are just high school students, they also have a period of exams and trips from school, hobbies and temporary work. They too fall in love and they also have to go out to the movies with a friend who really has to go and look for a partner.

Routine life is a big part of her career and they’ve never been more enjoyable. There is nothing like going back to a world where the only concern is the coming test and Persona does it in the best way possible. Persona loading screen says Take your time? And do not mean it at all. Today is divided into three parts? School ? After school and evening. Each of which has a different world of actions that can be performed and advanced by the player in all kinds of data and each level of social data allows a new world of content and things you could not do before. The routine in Persona 5 is actually one infinite series of cause-and-effect relationships that together lead to much larger things each time a step in one of the social data. The game, by the way, will not tell you how to improve your social data , here as well as in combat mechanics, everything is about trial and error. You will have to do everything the world has to offer to reach the level of knowledge that will allow you to prepare for it? Tidy to improve what you want, whenever you want, whatever you want. And to keep your loan with the utmost precision. In addition to self development, an important aspect of the game is the connection with the characters you will know along the way.

On this occasion, I will say that the characters in Persona 5 were built in an ingenious manner, communicate with them, laugh with them, be shocked with them and fall in love with them, this lively group will accompany you throughout the game and soon you will be able to connect with the group of. Each character represents something else and makes you fall in love with it in its own way. The game calls the different mantle characters? Confidants. The relationship with the characters will improve in a number of ways, whether it’s going out to practice with them, spending time with them, working for them or just getting ahead in the game, and any progress in the relationship will also lead to practical progress in the game that will improve your position and abilities. Actions to improve the relationship between most of the characters varied and interesting, and in addition to the reward and time spent, experience experiences that will magnify the characters in your eyes and improve the relationship will be felt in the game. Persona 5 will make you feel that you do not have time for anything and if you manage to maneuver between preparations for palaces, odd youth jobs, social life, love and studies, you will love it. In fact, even if you feel completely lost in? A short time and a lot of work? You will die for it, the headache in Persona is the most positive headache I’ve ever experienced in gaming, and is recommended for everyone. The game with the most style ever Let’s talk a bit about graphics? The graphics of Persona 5 do not chart anyone and it’s totally fine. Because the beauty of Persona is not in the textures . But all the small animations, menus and user interfaces.

Most of Persona 5 are transferred in different menus, whether it’s to keep the game , to manage the things in your bag, to buy things, to create things, to plan invasion of palaces,. It sounds oppressive and wow, sure it could be that way. But the menus in Per Persona are no less than a masterpiece, the dynamic style of the menus makes them more lively than we have seen in any other game. If it is the watch menu and up to the menu in the battle, everything is done in an inviting and pleasing way, with some loud and special. Everything is colorful and full of interest, which makes it very easy to enjoy the short time in the menus throughout the game. Beyond the menus, the game itself does not look bad at all when the peak is undoubtedly in the palaces. The design of the amazing steps I mentioned earlier draws a lot of the graphics that Bull fits into the experience that Person 5 is trying to convey. The style of the game is not only in the menus but in everything that happens in the palaces and even in Tokyo during the day. It’s fun to explore the real world and the parallel world and discover new areas, thanks to the atmosphere that the graphics manage to convey, so that even though it is not impressive. It is perfectly perfect for game purposes. The soundtrack is perfect, the dubbing is excellent. I’ve been to a lot of games, and I never liked the soundtrack in any of them.

There’s no other way to say it, Persona 5’s soundtrack is just perfect, for a long time I have not experienced a soundtrack so well that went in a simple and perfect way with the game. Shoggy? The eternal composer of the Persona series and Shin Megami Tensai returns and gives Brock a giant in Persona 5, with a deeply penetrating Soundtrack. Traveling the world with great guitar solos has never been more fun. There are no words that will do enough grace with such a good soundtrack that integrates so phenomenally with the game, if these are moments that instill fear that combine with loud, loud and dark music. Or moments of world tour with the calm and soothing theme song of the game. Truly, the best way to experience how Soundtrack and acting employees are so perfect together is to play Persona 5. The game was released to the Japanese market in September 2016, and has since been localized to a wider audience until its release earlier this month. You can say without hesitation that the dubbing of the game undoubtedly delivers the goods. In some cases Persona 5 is dubbed, and when dubbing there, it delivers the goods very well. Our protagonist does not speak, in order to create a deeper connection between us and the character we play, but the characters around us speak and we hear their voices a lot during the game.

The dubbing is done exceptionally, and the dubbers chosen to dub the English version are all, without exception, excellent choices that manage to best convey the plot in the story and the character color of each character. In the firm speech that sounds like that too, the naive and pleasant Ann conveyed with innocent words in an innocent and gentle voice and Morgana, that it is not clear what he is, but his voice manages to convey clearly his witty character. The great concern of many players in Japanese dubbing is that the dubbing will fail horribly, it’s totally not the story in Persona 5.

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