Friday The 13th: The Game: The Dream That Has Become A Reality And Ends In A Nightmare

Friday the 13th was supposed to provide a juicy nightmare as befits the famous brand of horror. Is Jason the Terrible still able to make us rattle with fear? Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror game that started as a project on the Kickstarter donation site somewhere in 2013 and managed to achieve its goal of $ 800,000, which, in addition, ended with a bonus of 23,000 at the end of the 30 days. It’s okay if you have not heard of the game even if you are a fan of horror games, but if any of you have heard or seen my movie? Like me, and did a search on Google movies related to all sorts of things about the movie plot , Apparently managed to discover that there is a game in development that took deep inspiration from the movies, and that all Anyone who wants to feel what it is like to be Jason the killer or one of the seven boys who will try to escape can do so in a game. About the game? I heard about two years ago, and since then I have not stopped counting the days before the launch (the game was added to the stories?. Also, since the game is based on the films? Friday the 13th ?, I decided that the best way to get to know the game is not to see the movie series. At the E3 2016 conference I saw Gun Media unveiling a primeval video of Friday the 13th: The Game, which attracted all my attention, even more than the new God of War, for a simple reason I like everything about mother. For six months I followed his development on Twitter, videos of famous YouTube and so on. The preorder? I was on the first day of 2017, and since then I have actually become part of the family of boys who is going to die on May 26 when the game was released to the PC and the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. After a long wait, delays, problems, minor delays , I finally laid my hands on the “Friday 13: The Game”, and the time to see if the game was worth the money and time arrived.

Does your mother have a prize for you, come home sweetie? Friday the 13th: The Game is a horror game with a great concept that took the series of movies? From the 80’s and turned them into one big game, however, the game was not perfect and did not meet my expectations, but cow and before we start with the good things. So yes, as I mentioned, the idea of taking the Friday 13 movies and making the game is ingenious, and really gives you a feeling like in the movies, whether you’re Jason and if you’re one of the boys trying to find a way to escape, there’s no lack of ways? You can escape through cars, boats, call the police or simply hide until the 20 minutes of battle. Of course it will not be easy to run away, and you’ll need everything to find the things he needs, to ride the keys, gas and the tractor, the boat, propeller and gas and so on. The selection of Jason and the boys is great when everyone has the pros and cons. For example, one type of Jason can run, and one does not, but its launch speed is faster than the one that can run. In the boys it is based on all sorts of other things: luck, fear, speed, endurance, correction, stealth, etc.?. One has more luck, but a weaker endurance force, after stealthing at a higher level so Snowson will be harder to identify, but its speed is shorter. Equality is important to distinguish each of the characters. The game has three maps , they are very large and make you feel free. The environment is full of things to explore, every house you enter can be your exit from the camp, and that’s how you will feel every time you play as a teenager.

In addition, there are weapons, shotgun or shotgun, bat or machete, traps and much more to help you stun Jason for a few seconds, although there is also a way to eliminate Jason A way that requires teamwork and skill in the game. One of the main problems that kept me from criticizing earlier was due to the number of bugs, lugs, and crazy crashes I had in the game. I thought that if I gave the developer a few more days, which would have lasted almost a month, the situation would be better. Although I do not see improvement as of today, and I can not stay forever. From my friends’ reports on the Xbox console, the situation there is just terrible? When one of my friends on the console told me that he bought the game on the first day, and he still can not play normal, but that every two games? Just crashes for him. Luckily, I was playing on the computer and in relation to it I did manage to play quite a few games, or rather 90 game fights, and after 30 hours, I can say that Friday is the 13th? Is one of the most broken games I’ve ever played. With the dominant flag among the three going to the bugs, one of the big ones that got me into the game when I was playing Jason and noticed that there were two similar ones hiding on the roof. Now, what’s the problem here? That there really is no such thing as hiding in the roof? None of the game maps. As a result, the characters waited until the time passed and I lost two victims; Pierre? No, and that means the killer. Another bug happened to me when I played as one of the boys who found all the items to operate the car and after I managed to turn on the car, I started up and drove. Halfway I got stuck in a tree, and such cases are legitimate in the game. That really happens is that all you have to do is restart the vehicle. But for some reason, in my car the car overturned and I was not allowed to drive it again .

One more because I just have to, that’s when I played as Jason and a player got stuck with the car inches before leaving the camp, I sent myself there, and I realize that I can not get close to the driver’s seat, which again, exacted another victim from me. There are many more and I at this rate just will not finish. In our game, the LAGs and the crashes are usually caused by high ping, and in my case there were quite a few games that the ping just went crazy , and the Lags? Even more. One incident occurred when I went into a house, closing the door and locking, the lug would simply take me out of the house. Another case is when Jason was chasing me and I had to run away from him, but it’s not that easy and especially when there’s a lag that takes you back instead of Kadima. Another one happened to me when I went into Jason’s shoes and found a victim, that one just did not move for some reason, and when I approached him, I just could not catch him. And that’s only a percentage of the bugs, when there were others that I simply did not manage to document and they went to destroy the game, whether it was in the car, in the player’s movements, killing, calling the police that took me an hour,. Of course I will not give in to other crashes and errors: No network connection or connection lost! Reconnect and sign in to Steam to use online features ?, Connection to host lost ?, Connection closed by host, or network failure received? And others. Problems of this kind just ruin the experience, especially when you’re Jason, who has already killed seven boys, and is chasing the last player? Surprisingly, the game collapsed. After talking about the main problem, now is the time to dig deeper into the content.

In each game you will enter with eight more, one of whom will be the murderer and the rest are the boys. Only language You can not choose who you want to be like in Dead by Daylight But the player’s language is randomized, which means you have a chance of One out of nine, and in my case, out of 100 games, as Jason I played 18 times. Now, being one of the boys is also fun? Explore, fight back, try to find escape routes? But time after time without variety it just comes out of all the holes, especially when you play 14 games nonstop and all these times you do not get to be Jason even once. But when luck shines light for you are elected to the legendary murderer? The pleasure feels like a melted dessert of chocolate stuffed with folded pieces with maple and around. Ah, sorry, I’ve overdoed it. Going back to the subject? Jason, your goal is to kill all the boys, and that’s fun. Jason has four abilities that make it easy for him to find the rest of the players, although these four abilities are available to all Jason and it’s a pity that the developer could not add to Jason any special ability to distinguish them, From Jason in capabilities is only as fast as they can be used. There were quite a few other things that bothered me, the first was the ability to run. Each player has a stamina that lasts for more than 15-20 seconds depending on the character’s abilities. The annoying part is that you can not run even a little if you do not use Stamina, you go like a model in a fashion show, and that’s crazy, because only in the opening scene did you see one of your friends killed, why are you going in such a shanty? And by the way, if we’ve already talked about the opening scene, why does that male character always appear as a victim? One figure who’s always scared? Everything in this scene is simply repetitive and boring.

Second, it may be a little something, but why can not I change the settings keys? Why do I have to get used to keys that I do not like to use? It feels like illfonic and Gun Media have been lazy so as not to work overtime on these things. Every Friday fan of 13 knows Tommy Gervis, the only character in the movies who has managed to kill Jason, who is also in the game?. Players will have to call Gervais on the radio, which is in one of the houses. The whole radio game is random, so do not think it’s at the house by the sea all the time. As soon as you read on the radio to Gravis, the character is randomly selected among all the characters killed by Jason, once the player is selected, he returns to life and plays as a rovis . Lagrude has no special powers, but he gets some benefits that other players do not get. As a start Shotgun rifle, and its capabilities stronger than any other character. It’s worth noting that Robbie has only one bullet, so do not expect Megavis to protect you all the time. If you’re halfway to escape from Jason in the car and he’s chasing you, Gravis can delay Jason for a few seconds if he hits at him. Jason has a variety of ways to kill the boys, who have taken a lot of inspiration from the movies, and indeed the brutality is at its height, and there are many kills, each Jason has four unique weapons with his spear to ax. The types of killings are varied and show high brutality, but not like in Mortal Kombat X, and this is a problem because it tries, it’s a shame that it does not materialize as planned. Many times there were ways to kill problems, time after time something was destroyed with some infuriating bug.

Moreover, I noticed that the game tries very hard to reduce dialogues, other than the beginning, we do not hear many of the characters. The work on the animation itself was on the face, like Mass Effect Andromed, here too facial expressions show that they did not have enough work, facial expressions of the characters just do not work the right way. They panic when nothing happens in the surroundings, and are not frightened when they see a friend hanging on a wall full of blood. On Friday the 13th, the game lasted for about 20 minutes, and if you played or watched videos, did you notice that players do not get permission to leave unless they click? Go to the lobby? Menu, but then the players do not get their full points. On the one hand, it is annoying to wait every 20 minutes, especially if you are killed after a minute and the other seven are still alive, but on the other hand it seems that the developer wanted to let the players feel like they were in a real movie He succeeded, so now you watch your friends from the sky dead. But there is a problem with this, especially in Jason, that’s when players leave. In the final presentation, the killings are not counted there. If I killed five out of eight , he suddenly went down to 4 . And it happens in every game, one or more players leave, and actually cause Jason to lose points, unless they manage to escape so they stay. Quite a bit there are games where Matchmaking does not recognize players in the region or at all, leaving five people to play alone, making four against Jason. Show me something like that happens in the movies. As I mentioned above, the three maps are large with a full environment to explore, which is a very good thing, but probably not enough to please me.

Ben quickly became bored, maybe they were big but few. The atmosphere feels the same, the design of the maps is the same, the water is located in the same place, the stream, the sleeping bags and even the houses, each house looks similar to the previous design, both inside and outside . The same room with a white door at the end of every house where there is only a first aid bottle? When the rest can not be touched. Maybe the objects are in every game somewhere else, but the design itself causes the game to get bored quickly. The last thing I’ll talk about is the benefits and the cosmetization. So yes, thank God that illfonic have not forgotten and put in, nice to see that they want to let us build our character, even though it does not work like that right. You can not paint the clothes for your taste or buy shirts, but you will have to open the specific clothes only if you raise levels, every ten levels you will get three details for your character, and if you want to open all the clothes you will have to raise your character up to level 97. Very discouraging to go up ten levels for three items to replace the clothes to your figure. Also, each character has Perks that give you a kind of bonus besides your regular abilities. You spend 500 gold coins and get a random benefit, one that can help less fear, spend less stamina, call the police faster, etc.?.

The graphics are old-fashioned straight when we open the game, we come across advertising logos of companies in the form of films from time to nostalgic music. Then we move to the main screen, which looks with a higher level quality, and then we click on? Quick play? And enter the world of the Crystal Camp? Which seems to be a great first sight, only with time it turns out to be less. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 , which is known from large games like LawBreakers, Paragon, Adrift, Gears of War 4, Tekken 7 and other upcoming games from large companies. Personally, I believed that the company would rot from this engine more, because it has a lot more potential for use, but expectations did not seem to me, and that the graphics felt less than the average. I noticed there were also a lot of unprepared places, and, it also includes the characters. The illfonic undoubtedly had to work on more graphics, giving more touches whether it’s in certain rooms, earth, walls, chairs and so on. I played the game on Epic when the frame dropped to 35-40 every time, although according to the requirements I should get 60+ with very good specifications: 8 Ram, I7 3770 and GTX 1060. In the end I dropped to High-Very High and the performance was better. As loud as the movies, and doing it as well as the 80s. I think the biggest advantage of Friday’s 13th is music? I enjoyed her the most. The composer is Henry Manfredini, the man and legend who composed the music of the film series? Friday 13 ?, and also worked on other films including The Wolf from Wall Street.

On games the composer does not work, but especially worked on the game based on a series of Friday films the 13th because he wanted to take part in the adventure. Did he do a good job? Without a doubt. It’s stressful music, and I even get my body tugged quite a bit, especially during the PKK, Ma?. But when he finds you, the music turns into something stronger and higher in tone, which causes the player to understand that Jason has found him and he is close, in nicer words, to slash the guitar His throat. Bottom line, Friday the 13th: The Game is a game that gives a little Hollywood feel, with the frightening and dark atmosphere, an amazing soundtrack that even affects the atmosphere. However, the game falls into a lot of traps, especially in gameplay, an endless supply of bugs, bugs and add to it all the crashes. The graphics really are not the strong point of the game even though it uses Unreal Engine 4, it felt that the company underestimated the power of the engine and could work on the game even more.

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