Review – Dragon Ball Fighterz

It is not only one of the best fighting games of the last few years, it is perhaps the best ball game in history. The video games of the excellent anime Dragon Ball Z have been with us since the 80s, but in recent years the general feeling is that every game since Budokai Tenkaichi series is a kind of The same game in a slight cloak change. True, not all the games are the same when we got games like Dragon Ball Fusions in recent years that do not sit on the same familiar template, but the games that went to the major consoles remained very similar to the games nostalgic and loved the sixth generation console. Not surprisingly, many of the fans of the series were desperate for a new game, one that would shake the franchise and bring something new to the series,. Precisely for this slot, the Bandai Namco game manager brought the Arc System members who are known to work on the Guilty Gear and Blazblue fighting games to create a whole new game and that’s exactly what they did: a Dragon Ball game like nothing else Which we saw with the relinquishment of the large and wide arenas with the simple combos for a fairly standard two-dimensional fighting game with the emphasis on playing in groups, long combos and all the other things we are used to from combat games. So after the beta period that took me out with a sense of involvement it’s time to see what the full game offers and is it the best Dragon Ball game in history or in a game with a power level below 9000? The World Fighting Tournament is underway as I mentioned earlier, this is a two-dimensional fighting game played in 3-to-3 teams when the player can choose one of 24 different characters from the Dragon Ball Z series like the evil Android, the fearsome Alien Freese, the human warriors Krillin Yamacha and our favorite Chinese, Goku, and Geeta and Gohan. The game also features characters from the new Iteration of the series – Dragon Ball Super, with characters such as the devastation of Biros and Goku Vajita in the form of their blue Sayyan writer appear in the game. Compared to games like Xenoverse 2, the number of characters in this game is considered small but ironically, the characters in this game feel more diverse than usual when the different characters play different from each other and their special abilities make them feel different from other characters,. In terms of gameplay and game mechanics, anyone familiar with Arc System Works and playing the Guilty Gear Xrd knows what to expect: a very fast and rhythmic two-dimensional fighting game with a strong emphasis on long combos and great damage, while the Guilty Gear characters look like Came from the anime series, here all the animations and the characters themselves come straight from the anime series and the imagination is amazing: every punch, kick or special attack looks like they came straight from the series itself. This is probably the most faithful anime game I have ever seen.

The story of Dragon Ball FighterZ does not follow the familiar story of the Dragon Ball Z series. It opens a new story between the Future Trunks saga of the big Dragon Ball Super Tournament, featuring mysterious energy waves, Of our favorite warriors pop up in every corner causing great mess and destruction around the world and our Z fighters to unite and understand what really happens. The story takes place on three different levels, each of which follows the perspective of various characters in the series, including the villains of the series. The story itself is conducted in different chapters with each chapter being conducted in the form of a map with different points that resembles a drop of a game board. On the map there is the “boss” of the chapter to be defeated and on the way you can fight other characters on the map as the more you delay the map the more the boss will get stronger. The fact that in the situation of the story you can set up your own group with different fighters collected on the way that sometimes there will be different interactions between the rival characters on the map or even in your group so there are quite a few reasons to go back to previous chapters and try to see all the different interactions in the game. The story also presents a great power of the game – Dubbing. Familiar speakers from the American and Japanese versions brought their voices for the game and the result makes the story situation feel like a direct continuation of the series rather than a video game, when I think that’s what anime-based video game should aspire to. Hal in the lobby is “why?” The game has many different game modes that the user can experience except the wonderful story mode – like any legitimate fighting game, in this game you can find an arcade mode that puts you in front of different groups of fighters with a level of difficulty that exceeds the performance of the player in his battles. The game also allows you to play against another player locally on the same console with two signs, a learning area of the basic game mechanics until the training of different combos figure character and a variety of online modes that allow you to play with other people on the net, whether just for fun through random search or arenas Various fighting called Arena Match and Ring Match or in a competitive way that will keep the results of the latest battles up and down . The great amount of game modes makes sure that the player will always have something new to aspire to: tired of online battles? You can always jump to Arcade and try your luck there.

Do you feel that you are not good enough with a certain character? Go for training and train on combos of the same character. Many game modes are a great way to increase the amount of time the game will be relevant to the player even after he has finished the story mode and exhausted the online. The biggest problem in this game stems from his lobbying mechanism. The game uses a system of several different lobby rooms within a server located in any part of the world and to which different players come and the problem with this lobby is that it includes all the different game modes in a very cumbersome way. The lobby is a real physical area with the actor represented by a character from Dragon Ball to his choice in a cute chibi style. The lobby is divided into different sub-regions, each representing a different game mode. It may be a relatively old-fashioned way of thinking, but I really prefer a standard menu where you can choose the game mode you want to play and it just puts you in it. Luckily the game added an option of “hooking” into different areas of the lobby with a simple menu but all it does is move you across the lobby map more quickly – the lobby itself is still terribly cumbersome. The game also does not give you an easy way to play with friends on the network and while the way you can play with friends is not too complicated, it feels superfluous and I believe it stems from all the form of management of the various game modes related to the lobby system. The last thing I will talk about in this context is the quality of the battles in the online situation and I have to say that there is an unprecedented improvement from the beta period when it was hard for me to enter the battle without fearing that the game would get me out of the game and the lobby.

I’m still experiencing some problems connecting to games – especially with people outside the Middle East, but the game is much more stable than ever when this is great news for people who want to play seriously. The bottom line From its open beta period, Dragon Ball FighterZ began to take shape as one of the best and most challenging fighting games of the past year and now that the full game has come out you can definitely say that the game is on the right track. The great gameplay and rhythm that draws a great deal from the Vs series. Of the Capcom company combined with the great animation of the characters makes every battle feel like it has just come out of the TV series, the music that blends well with the battles provides some more fire for the intense fighting and the various surprises that developers have thrown for the fans of the series also establishes the fact that this is probably the most loyal game of Anima and Manga Which we have received to this day.

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