Opinion: A Backlash That Takes Us Forward

Back in the timeline can also be a good thing, why? In the early 2000s players could choose between three major FPS games, Medal of Honor, Battlefield 1942, Call of Duty. The three games took place during World War II. Then the COD series and Medal of Honor continued during World War II for Batefield to go to modern warfare. In recent years, every series of games has gone in a different direction and now we know that the new title in the Battlefield series will take place during the First World War. So here’s what I think of the new game as a fan with over 3,000 hours at Battlefield 4. The future is not so rosy Most of the leading shooting games today have chosen to go the way of modern or futuristic warfare, Armagh, Battlefield, COD, Titalfall, Destiny are just a part. Modern futuristic warfare added a lot of possibilities to the game, double jumps, running on walls and I think the biggest problem of modern games, weapons automatically locked. In Titanfall it was the Smart-Pistol and Battelfield’s vehicles, missiles, airplanes and much more. At Battlefield, for example, a player can take one of the locked weapons and he only has to aim the weapon in the general direction of the target and the missile will fly alone towards the target. All the player has to do is just aim in the general direction and click the mouse with no action beyond that.

What I believe is that lowering the level of the player, in World War I there were no weapons locked, the player had to aim himself, and hit because of a good direction and not because he knows how to press the button. Unknown Regions It is true that there are already games that take place during World War I like Verdun, but there has not been a game of such magnitude as Batefield. Thanks to the huge budgets that DICE and EA have to develop the World War I game, we can experience World War I in all its levels in huge battles that only DICE can do. At the Battlefield 1 event, DICE pledged to create the most loyal game possible, meaning that all the weapons and vehicles in the game would have been during the First World War. Myth-mongers When World War I is said, many people tend to think of digging battles in the canals and occasionally rushing to get a very small area, which is perfectly true, but not only. World War I was a war fought in the air with air battles among the greatest in history, in addition to maritime clashes between entire fleets of countries. In addition to the myth of exaltation, there is also the myth that all the soldiers used sniper weapons or the myth that in World War I there were no intentions of kissing or coostomizing the series Batefield is known. But in the First World War there were pistols, sights, various magazines, rifle butts cut to be more comfortable or even different straps for weapons, all in World War I.

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