New In Mobile – Assassins And Swords

Jacob Werch brings the mobile games that will do just good for your smartphone and tablet Have you run out of interesting games on your smartphone or tablet? Bored? This time, too, I have a new variety of fun and addictive games that have been carefully chosen from all the latest mobile launches. Let’s start with a well-known assassin on Assassin’s Creed Identity for iOS and soon to an android in Assassin’s Creed Identity. We’re going back to Italy during the Renaissance to explore the mystery around the Crows?. In the game we have to choose one of the categories of assassins, a thief, a crook, a trumpet and more. There are a very large number of tasks that we will have to perform, there is almost no sense of recycling tasks. The story progresses in a balanced manner and it contributes to the feeling that the plot is meaningful for the game. Assassin’s Creed Identity looks great with its immersive graphics, detailed environments and even its successful control for a mobile game. In addition, there are role-playing elements in which we need to improve and develop figures and weapons. Identity feels like a worthy part of the Assassin’s Creed series. 90 NIS We will continue with space action in Stellar Wanderer for iOS Stellar Wanderer is a role-playing game of space battles.

In the game we will embark on a fateful adventure in which we will have to choose one of the known space functions: a merchant, a warrior, a miner or a cruel pirate. Throughout the game we play all the roles and each of them is interesting in his way. Stellar Wanderer is not particularly long, about 10 to 12 hours to finish the main story tasks, and there are also a number of interesting side tasks that lengthen the game. Stellar Wanderer is a fairly complex game, but at the beginning there are very exhaustive and easy-to-understand totorial tasks. 90 NIS and a sharp transition to The Swords for iOS The Swords game tells about the life of sword-maker and his work, and this is perhaps the first action game with a deep story about swords. This is actually a stylish Fruit Ninja game consisting of a series of difficult challenges that we must overcome in order to move the plot forward. The Swords is divided into stories about a variety of swords and thus also a changing gameplay style. A challenging game that renews and improves the old and familiar formula. 90 NIS End with a charming role-playing game in Medal Masters for Android and iOS Medal Masters is a simple and addictive role-playing game. In the game we must build an army worthy of a great commander! – that is the player.

Throughout the game we encounter a variety of characters with different roles that we recruit into our army, so we create classes with special skills for situations where we will have to fight – for example archers against distant enemies. There are over 240 characters that we can recruit, and along the way we will fight in the battles of everything or nothing in the face of challenging artificial intelligence and even other players from across the network.

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