Mobile News – Return To The 80s And Help Neo Navigate The Labyrinths

Among the games you will find Neo-navuto in the various labyrinths and find the way back to the world of Neo. Have you run out of interesting games on your smartphone or tablet? Bored? This time, too, we have a new range of fun and addictive games that have been carefully chosen from all the latest mobile launches. Resynth for iOS Resynth is a game that combines musical puzzles. Where we navigate the stage and try to open the musical instruments that are hidden in the stage. So in fact we have to open all the tools in the right order to solve the stage. Resynth combines a very interesting puzzle logic and rhythm game. The game contains seventy-five stages, with increasing difficulty. A very creative game that brings refreshing innovation to the rhythm games genre. 90? Miracle Merchant for Android and iOS Miracle Merchant is a solitaire game disguised as an adventure game. We play as an alchemist’s intern, and we have to concoct various potions and magic for him and his clients.

Thus we need to solve the solitaire presented to us, ie at each stage we receive a recipe composed of several components, namely the colors of the cards from which we must concoct the potion. Graphically the game looks great and has an excellent soundtrack. A cool twist on the solitaire game, fun and recommended for solitaire lovers and for those looking for a cool card game. Android has a free version. 90? Legend of the Redcap: Legend of the Redcap is a role-playing game that takes place in a fantasy world where we will be brought back to restore the peace and tranquility of the disbanded kingdom to parts locked in magical eggs. The game also contains a fairly complex city-building element. Egglia contains a wide variety of solid figures and we have varied interactions. The game is huge in terms of the size of the world and the amount of enemies and simulations. Throughout the game we encounter a variety of races and types of creatures, in which we fight, in addition we find different objects and weapons that we opened and so did our characters. The plot of Egglia is told in the parts that we must find within magic eggs, scattered throughout the game world.

This is how we return the kingdom to its entirety – a fairly unique element for role playing. Egglia: Legend of the Redcap is a game with a wide epic story, with a world full of interesting characters, objects and lots of missions. Highly recommended for fans of the genre. 90? Neo Angle for iOS Neo Angle is a minimalist puzzles game with 80s look and sound. Our mission is to help Neo, no! Not another Neo-Neo, to navigate the various labyrinths and find the way back to his world. Along the stage we have to collect the gas canisters scattered in the stage and reach the exit. It sounds simple but has a small twist – once we choose one way it can not be changed. The stages are filled with dangers and traps, some of which we must avoid and try to anticipate. The game is light, very fun and recommended for everyone.

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