Iron Maiden, War Against Dark Knight And Puzzles

Jacob does not let the unofficial launch of Pokemon Go derail us the atmosphere Have you run out of interesting games on your smartphone or tablet? Bored? This time, too, we have a new range of fun and addictive games that have been carefully chosen from all the latest mobile launches. Rising Warriors for iOS and soon for Android Rising Warriors is a strategy game where we embark on a battle against the Black Knight, a mysterious figure slowly taking over the world. The game manages not to burden us with a lot of complicated mechanics and rules as strategy games usually do. The action begins very quickly, one of the highlights of the game and a refreshing approach to the strategy genre. In the game we will build our army, save captured soldiers, manage resources, build various departments – when there are 16 types to choose from – magic stones will be found and areas occupied by the Black Knight. The game does not burden the player, making it easy, very fun and suitable for both beginners and veterans alike. Price: Free Mahluk: Dark Demon for Android and iOS Mahluk: Dark Demon is a hack and slash game and platform Apple. In the game we enter the shoes of the hero who managed to escape the kingdom of the terrible demon Kindar and from here we go to a terrible and dark world in order to kill the demon and save the world? Yes, the plot is original. Mahluk: Dark Demon consists of eighteen challenging stages filled with terrible enemies, a small number of bosses and four types of weapons that can be upgraded.

Controlling the game is not simple and takes time to get used to it. The strong side of the game is mainly its style, but the game is quite fun and difficult in the best sense of this type of games. Recommended for players looking for a challenge. 90? Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast for Android and iOS Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is an action game based on the album covers of the successful rock band. In the game we play a hero-like game. The worlds and the various enemies were taken from the artistic wrappers and frighteningly from the band’s records, so was the soundtrack of the game. In essence it is a very fun adventure action game that barks a lot for fans. Highly recommended for fans of the band as well as action game enthusiasts. Price: Free Klocki for Android and for iOS The Klocki game is an amazingly relaxing puzzle game. The game is a series of puzzles, which require us to mainly arrange the messy and fragmented line to a connected and uniform line.

There is no limit to the amount of movements and there are no time limits just the logic puzzle and you. The stages are accompanied by a calm and quite cool soundtrack. The difficulty of the puzzles rises and falls without a specific order, meaning that a puzzle will be solved in a few seconds and another puzzle will take quite a while until we reach a solution. The game is very enjoyable and recommended for everyone.

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