Review – X-men: Apocalypse

Act number 2967: The third movie will always be less than good What an amazing time to be a fan of comic strips! First Batman vs Superman, then Captain America: Civil War and now Ex from Apocalypse. The film is directed by Bryan Singer and includes actors such as James McAvoy, Professor Exavier, Michael Fassbender in Magneto, Jennifer Lawrence in Mystic and Oscar, In the apocalypse. Now, if you have not seen the X-Men: First Class and the Days of the Future Past do not worry. Although this is the third film in this saga of X-Men films you can go see it without seeing the previous ones. I personally saw them all and went to this movie with a friend of mine who had not seen any X movie in her life and she really enjoyed it. Ex-Apocalypse takes place in the 1980s when a mutant of thousands of years comes to life and enlists other mutants, among them genito, so that they can destroy people and impose a new order because apparently until now things have not worked properly. If there is anything that really bothered me in this film, all four mutants, except Magneto, joined the simple apocalypse. There is no logical explanation for why they do it and why they also want to destroy the world, it just happens! I also do not want to do you a spoiler but at some point in the film they keep getting all kinds of weird decisions without having any sort of explanation for why they’re doing it. But as I said, Magneto is the only one of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse, for one can understand what he does and why.

It’s hard to practice, easy in the battle Except for the stage of Apocalypse’s recruitment we also see the first act of the film where all the characters are after the events of the previous film. Mystic, who is portrayed as the heroine who saved the world, continues to this day to help and save mutants. Magneto lives a quiet life in some remote village in Europe and Professor Axière continues to run the School of Ments and of course he believes there is peace between humans and mutations. Although it is nice to see all of our favorite characters manage their normal lives, we are talking about a piece that lasted about half an hour, and that’s a lot time. And here I come to another problem I have with the film, the rhythm of the film a bit problematic. The transition between everything is great – everything is good and the world is another destroyed second is very drastic. But after the first act and the slow drop, the film really begins to gain momentum. There is a very moving scene with a magneto and we as viewers really feel his pain. There are also some really funny moments in the film; Something that the previous two films were less able to do. All the players do an excellent job. If it’s Michael Passabender who plays Magneto for 3 movies and even if it’s Sophia Toner from the game of chess that he plays for the first time as Jean Gray and she does a great job.

In general, the film does more and better work as the story progresses. So if the first half hour of the film was really slow and a bit boring then there is no doubt that the second act of the film was good and his third act was excellent! So, if you sit in the cinema and begin to lose interest you will hold on! Really, the film gets better with time. The people demand another Quick Sibler! I want to talk about a section of the film that disappointed me but I think it’s a spoiler for those who did not see the trailers for the movie, so if you saw them then you are fine. So here it comes. So the thing about Wolverine in the film was very mediocre. Now yes, I might have been a bit more excited than if I had not seen the trailers and so in fact his performance would have really surprised me; But still, the scene with him was pretty weak and it felt like he was there to get some more people to go and see the movie. So if you’re waiting for some crazy scene with Wolverine you’re going to be disappointed. But unlike Wolverine, Kuyk Silver simply steals the show. I have no doubt that if there is one piece of Days of Future Past that you remember, that’s the thing with Kuyk Silver and how he helped release Magneto from prison. So yes, even Bucks from the apocalypse Kuyk Silver steals the show and the scene with him is longer, more funny and much more impressive.

Unlike Days of Future Past where he just disappeared in the middle of the movie, here he goes along with us all the way and has a few more moments in which he stars. Let’s talk for a moment about the last 20 minutes of the action-packed movie. There is no doubt that the whole film feels like a child up to this moment when the four cavalry and Apocalypse fight against the ex. I really liked how the scene takes part both in the physical world and in the mental world when Apocalypse fights against Exeber and Jane. In addition, there’s a piece at the end with Jane that a little hints at us about the next movie from the X-Men. To sum it up, then in the end, Ax from Apocalypse is a very successful film but you can not help but feel how it failed in places where its predecessors succeeded. But it’s really cool that the film is self-conscious, there’s even a scene in the film when one of the characters laughs at the fact that the third film is always the least of the three. So if you love the ex from, you will enjoy. If you like comics, you’ll enjoy it.

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