Review – Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a beautiful horror game with both amazing and cool parts. But is it worth investing in? Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is an experience that is difficult to sum up in a few words, more simply at one – wow. This is a powerful journey between amazing and spectacular worlds, it gives us a real and detailed perspective on mental problems and trauma, and displays a lot of beauty in a world full of darkness. The game is really not for everyone, it presents relatively difficult content with not simple violence but this is not the problem. The thing is the trauma, the depression, which is repeated a lot throughout the game. They are presented to us in amazing and genius visual ways and make us feel smooth, which leaves quite a bit of depression and sadness on the player. Here’s the stage. Good luck. Most of the plot is about playing Snowy, a very tough fighter whose sole and clear goal is to safely put the soul of her dead lover, Dilian. Snowa never gives up, no matter how big the boss is, or how riddling is impossible to crack. This is a game in which you will have to solve many puzzles to search the map and think a lot in advance.

It’s not at all simple and actually a bit annoying. It is highly recommended to listen always, between the pieces of the game there are short sections of video in which explain a bit about the stage in the atmosphere of a story and not in the form of a briefing. It does not tell you how to proceed but you will get a hint of what to try. The game works very clearly, it takes you to a certain area and from there you are at your disposal. No one will help you, no clues, no help or a place where you can skip a part. In fact, I remember one step that took me over an hour to understand how things work, which took 20 minutes for the guys from YouTube. The game is built so that you can not decide what you are doing whenever you want, ie if you want to draw the sword during the stage to try to beat a tree or something that makes sense you can not do it. The game will not allow you to jump at any opportunity you want, and eventually everything revolves around one key that allows you to communicate with your surroundings only , this is meant to focus you on the most important things, You take action. You have reached the point where you control the buttons, everything is clear and comfortable and you are concentrated in fighting and solving puzzles, here the fun begins. The game will face you with difficult challenges at all, the main way to move between regions is to use symbols, that is to say special symbols related in some way to the mysterious mythological atmosphere that is based in the game.

The game is kripi, there’s nothing to say. It is full of huge and terrifying monsters, pressing moments and great bosses’ battles. Oh, and apart from a small margin, if you die too much you’ll have to start over. This is a decision that has received a lot of criticism from both sides, it is very well done and it has a significant impact on the pressure exerted on you during the game. Wait a minute, am I dead? The plot is one of the most confusing things I’ve come across, and it’s perfect. On more than one occasion, I have reached the point where I watch myself fall off a cliff or stand in front of demons who just beyond my ability to deal with them in the transition passages, take off my headphones and try to cry over the character’s bitter fate, just when I find myself alive, ready for battle and progress. The game is completely fantasy, nothing you see makes sense and nothing you think is clear. Everything is vague, frightening and confusing. Knowing the mythology of Norse can help you to understand the plot or the stories you listen to here and there, but the game will present you situations that no matter how you repeat them in the brain you will not be able to understand, it is simple, and this is a huge advantage and a small disadvantage. I said it but I say it again, the game is scary, not only in terms of fear of death or dealing with certain monsters, the situations in the game are just scary.

Tours in the dark When you can not see the monsters but hear them alone it’s frighteningly crazy or even spinning alone on the huge map that changes before your eyes, scary. And this is without talking about the monsters / demons that you will deal with throughout the game, which I will expand on later on. Be ready, the game is going to drive you crazy, Snowa drop from the mental health of what allowed a group of girls to bother exist in her mind. The whole game will be accompanied by annoying voices in the head, most of which will oppress you. Some of them will cheer you up but everyone will drive you crazy. This is an ingenious addition, because it shows how Snow does not deal only with fearsome external enemies, it also deals with demons and monsters that inhabit it. In addition to the beginning of the game, poor Snowa has to deal with another serious problem besides her annoying mental problems. She gets caught up in a kind of spreading disease of darkness that, when she gets to Snow’s head, is completely dead, which means you start the game from scratch! Nice is not it? It is very frightening and very stressful, which contributes to the plot in an interesting way. By the way, the ending is more confusing than the whole game, it is as vague and messy as most of the plot, mysterious and meant to leave you wondering unanswered, anyway, it will surely leave you gaping mouths. The game is not long, on average it will take you about 7-8 hours for a good experienced player and 10 hours for a new player. But these are 10 precious hours, enjoy every minute.

The title, which sounds like an invitation from a particularly cool restaurant, is intended to describe the rather threatening system of battles. Poor Snowa is perhaps a brave and brave warrior, but she is a fly against her enemies, who, surprisingly, are worth almost all her abilities. In the beginning, the battles are pretty simple, one enemy at a time. It’s not easy at first to get used to the control, but once you’ve picked up after a fight or two,. As the game progresses, the game will face more and more difficult challenges until you reach a situation where you, alone, equal or even weaker than your enemies, fight 5 goals together or more, only to reach the boss who is stronger than everyone and much more of you. It sounds very, very hard, and it ‘s certainly not simple, but your advantage is mind and coordination. Be alert and you pass it. It’ s not like if you die too much, start from the beginning. The battle system is only good. It is quite simple and fast to understand and it pretty much makes it clear that anything is possible. The battles are really cool and the enemies are great. But the best thing is the bosses, each of whom has interesting skills that put you in the way of coping with them, that each blow is deadly, they are frightening and dark, and they are terribly strong. Try not to be hypnotized It is important for me to talk about the artwork and to mention the amazing work done by the developer here.

Ninja Theory is a small indie developer that actually Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is her first serious game. After years of work they presented us with the final product that was worth the wait. Many indie artists rightly prefer to focus on the plot of the game and much less in appearance because it is often less important than the graphics, but here Ninja Theory decided to extend the work time to show us also amazing graphics. The eyes and face of Snowa in general are amazing, detailed and beautiful, the bosses look great, the movements are smooth and everything runs smoothly. And if we try to summarize the journey it is difficult to sum up such an experience, such a journey. It was really a movie that you are the main character, and movies are easier to see than to recap. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is a great game, it’s made in almost every way with great graphics for indie developer, great battles and a simple and fascinating plot. It is not so simple to “digest” that is to understand but it conveys its message in a very clear and genius. It includes both beautiful and disturbing pieces, making it no less than a film in which you are the main character. Is on the border between scary and cryptic but in fact is mostly just a little disturbing with very disturbing physical and mental parts and loneliness.

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