Review – Black Ops 3

The new game of the Call of Duty series tries to refresh without introducing too many innovations. Does he succeed? An old saying that there is nothing safe in life? Except for taxes and death. Unless you are a gamers, then you can also add a new Call of Duty release every November. After all, we have become so accustomed to the annual version of the brand that most of us have long been surprised every time a new game in the series is announced. Each year the game succeeds in breaking new records of sales and success. Each year we complain about the shortest single player campaign that is soon forgotten. Every year we all dive back into the fast and enjoyable multiplayer, and every year we sit back and wait to see what the next title in the series. This time it was the turn of Black Ops 3. A little background: Since the launch of the Call Of Duty brand, two major studios have been responsible for the development of the games themselves? Infinity Ward and Treyarch, each operating in an annual rotation, and thus each studio received two years to develop the next Call Of Duty. With the Advanced Warfare port last year, another studio was added to the picture? Sledgehammer Games, which gives each studio 3 years to work on its next title and give us more quality games. So did the extra year give Treyarch the time needed to make a significant leap forward in the series? Let’s see.

Universal Soldier Black Ops 3 continues the same line of his predecessor in the series and puts us into the near future, which gives us a futuristic atmosphere still rooted in reality. Do not expect to see lasers and space travel, but you will see sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies and modern weapons. As befits Black Ops, the campaign places the player again as a fighter in a super-secret unit charged with missions deep behind the enemy lines, which, if they fail, the state can deny any connection to them. Of course, like every successful film, things go wrong and our hero is mortally wounded. Fortunately for us, we are in 2065, and medical technologies can not only mend fractures and save death, but make each one superhuman. This is where the first system enters a series of innovations for the Call Of Duty series, with three categories of special abilities given to our character. One gives the player remote control and damage to different robot units in the game, the other intensifies the physical abilities of the player, while the third gives spoils can cause total chaos on the battlefield . The game restricts the selection to only one of the three options on each task, so think carefully about what you want to invest. Personally, I have chosen to focus only on the abilities of chaos and do as much damage as possible. For the first time in the series, the Black Ops 3 gives the player the ability to choose the character and appearance of the character, although a nice addition that breaks down what we expect from Call of Duty, but the choice is ultimately limited to a small number of predetermined characters with no possibility of Kostomizing or Impact on the plot Game or gameplay itself. The plot of the campaign is very reminiscent of Michael Bay films? A great and grandiose production with well-orchestrated action clips and excellent Hollywood cast, everything on the Black Ops 3 looks good and explodes even better, but the comparison to Michael Bay’s films is two-sided and the whole campaign is pretty empty.

The plot moves between a poor excuse to pour on player waves on top of waves of enemies in the first part, the science fiction bizarre is unclear in the second part. You can see that the writers of the game tried to raise questions of morality in a technological world, but in a very superficial and uninteresting. In fact after the third mission I lost all interest in the campaign and played on automatic only to finish, and even the cast the successful players did not save the campaign from total boredom. The level of gameplay varies greatly depending on the way you choose to play – for the first time in Call Of Duty you can play the whole campaign in Co-op along with 3 other friends, and this is what Treyarch means to play. Most of the stages are huge in size and suitable for teamwork and attack from several different places together. Some of the stages go a long way and almost push the player to play through the co-op mode. In one of the missions, you will have to switch between an air strike of a drill rig and a ground assault of the same platform. If you play with a few friends, you can coordinate between you who will join the ground attack and who will stay up in the sky as air support. Add to this the special abilities we talked about before and you’ll find that playing along with three other friends can certainly save the dismal Black Ops 3 campaign. Let’s face it, no one really expects a new Call of Duty title because of the campaign being invested the highlight has always been and always will be? Multiplayer, and here comes the point where Black Ops 3 stars. At the first entrance to Multiplayer, the player will encounter Specialists, a new addition to the Call Of Duty Multiplayer, which tries to give new volume to online games. In fact, there are nine characters, each of which has special abilities and special weapons that can be used for short periods of time during the game? A more sophisticated version of the familiar Killstreak Bonuses. These capabilities range from a special shield that makes the player vulnerable for a short time to an arch with exploding arrows and when the time comes to use these capabilities is pure pleasure.

Unfortunately, however, I discovered that these capabilities are very slow and do not give any real impact on the battles themselves. The Advanced Warfare Parkour system that is so smart to lend from Titanfall is here to be a major improvement and I think it is the crowning glory of the Black Ops 3 multiplayer. The player will be able to run vertically and vertically, jump to the heights with the Vertical Boost and jump from almost any place like a futuristic ninja, and unlike Advanced Warfare, all these moves are made while the weapon is available for nonstop shooting. Most of the maps seem to have been designed to encourage players to perform all these parkour tricks, which causes a shooting battle to break out at any moment and at any altitude in the game. Along with the old and familiar modes of play there are some very successful additions like Safeguard where one team protects a robot that advances in a fixed path while the opposing team tries to destroy it before reaching its end point. The Black Ops 3 Multiplayer mode is a refreshing change to the standard formula of the previous multiplayer modes. The first is a direct continuation of the Black Ops 2 zombie campaign that follows the adventures of Tank Dempsey and his friends and is mainly intended for players who want the classic and familiar zombie experience; Nightmare is a special mode that opens after the end of the main campaign of the game and is actually Versa that replaces all the enemies in the main campaign for Zombies and turns the plot of the game into a story about the attempt to stop a global epidemic. Surprisingly, the slower mode of zombie mode works wonderfully at Nightmare and gives some rest from the chaotic rhythm in which most of the Call Of Duty. The most interesting and successful zombie campaign among the three is the Shadows of Evil, which places the player in an imaginary city called Morg City somewhere in the 1940s and puts us in the shoes of one of four figures that correspond to the period. Gameplay remains at its base the familiar gameplay from all other Zombie modes, but one thing that stands out straight is the high level of difficulty.

Zombies will be more aggressive and aggressive than ever, and the game actually forces the four players to cooperate to survive. As always, as the player progresses, new weapons and abilities will be opened, some of which are very surprising and will make you want to return to the Shadows of Evil again and again. All this is under the stunning shell of an American city in the 1940s and the excellent dubbing of stars like Jeff Goldblum , Heather Graham and Ron Perlman . When everything is seasoned with a lot of humor and wit and causes the Black Ops 3 zombies to do much better in everything that Left For Dead has already forgotten. The bottom line Black Ops 3 tries to break the recycled formula and some will say the boring of Call Of Duty games without trying to overreact. At its base, this is still a fairly standard Call Of Duty game that does not go too far from what we’ve already gotten used to. But those small changes make this game much more successful and worthy competitor titles good series. Can you say that this is the turning point in the Call Of Duty series? Probably not, but the Black Ops 3 is no doubt able to breathe new life into a series that has begun to lose some of its freshness.

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