Review: Venom

The Spiderman movie without Spider-Man in the air (yes, horns. ) And we’re there to tell you some background: I hate the new Spider-Man. He is already the number three in his number when every new Spider-Man is even less Spider-Man than the Spider-Man before him. With the announcement of Venom I was very happy – Spider-Man without Spider-Man, which, among all the films Marvell has been able to throw at us in recent years, will finally be an anti-hero film that will be good,. Venom, on paper, is a movie with a great base. There is a hero and anti-hero intertwined in one of the hanged one another, a kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, only more violent. The cast was a fairly impressive film. Tom Hardy , Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Jenny Slate – every name is bigger and more talented than the other, probably far beyond what is needed. The current Venom background story is not the most interesting, but enough to understand how it is around and the direction the film went, at least initially, was on the right track.

With all this, what went wrong there? Exactly what made Dodpole a success was not in the ‘. The script was not particularly convincing, Venom’s character was castrated in favor of young viewers and with it violence. The formula that Dadpole had trained was abandoned in favor of the attempt to create balance and equivalence between Venom and his subject, Eddie. Yes, equivalence between a parasitic alien who feeds on human flesh and eats heads against a failed journalist. The insistence on putting such a violent figure in the PG-13 ranking is felt here. Instead of receiving the calm Dr. Jekyll, who is trying to control the violent and powerful Mr. Hyde, we have Eddie calming Venom and succeeding in cooperating with this creature that takes over his body. We’re talking about a creature that prefers its enemies without a head and whose whole reason is to stick with this person so he can continue eating, right? And it’s not that Venom provides a good motive for why he is collaborating with his carrier. It’s true that you can talk about the special effects that are not lacking here. Explosions, an interesting chase scene, exploding scarecrows, and Vanum himself who looks very good and convincing. The game of Hardy and his friends is excellent, as usual.

The sound effects are definitely invested, and in the IMAX hall where the film was screened, you could definitely see all the sounds around. But nothing can save a movie with a screenplay, which, although the amount of holes and the lack of amino is relatively low for a comic book, is about as reliable as EA will stop using luteboxes. Really, enough with this EA already. Do not get it wrong, and Venom is a fun movie. One who in the course of the action is enthusiastic about him and gives his hands in the cinema, with jokes that make it funny every now and then. But he lacks the right touch, the one that will turn the film into a mature film intended for adults, and not a film about a franchise that will make children buy more dolls. We got used to watching Marvel’s movies and watching them as if they were a cinematic masterpiece. “The Black Panther” won the applause , “The Avengers” became a mega movie to enable the production of a sequel Had to destroy half of the cast and “Didpole” showed us that it is possible to make a good comic film for adults only. Yes, and Venom is worth the free evening and the ticket on the film. It’s fun, it has action and there’s a plot somewhere too.

It’s fun while watching it, but when you get into the judging shoes, you understand how much the boy who wanted to see Venum eating heads is not the one we got.. Just do not expect a masterpiece that you’ll talk about for a long time, maybe for the next day or two. Oh, there’s Stan Lee’s regular Kamoo and two Aftersharks when the latter is reason enough to watch the whole Venom. See you at Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse at the end of the year.

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