Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – a real gaming celebration

With 74 characters and a variety of game modes, even if this is not the best game for 2018, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate can definitely claim the title of the most fun game of the year. Pikachu, Mario, Donkey Kong and Samus are fighting. It may sound like a pretty retarded script on his face, but that was all it took to start one of the most popular, sold and loved martial arts games the world saw: Super Smash Brothers. The fighting game in which they fight to throw their opponent beyond the boundaries of the screen was first introduced in 1999 to the N64 console, and since then every new iteration has promised a bigger game, with better graphics, more different characters to choose from, different game modes and more. And so it was: Super Smash Bros. Melee was released two years later in 2001 to the Gamecube console and is considered to be one of the best games in the series with its great gameplay and the wide variety of characters it has offered; Super Smash Bros. Brawl, while less well-behaved, introduced us to the story of Subspace Emissary, considered to be more beautiful and much more than people expected; And of course we also have Super Smash Bros. 4, the name for the WiiU and 3DS games that first introduced the DLC concept to the series, opening the hatch to characters like Cloud and Bayonetta.

Last March Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was announced, when at the last Nintendo E3 event we got the announcement that all the characters who were ever in the game Smash will return in addition to a new adventure situation, new arenas and new characters. So after all this glorious introduction it’s time to answer the question: Is this really the ultimate Smash game, or is the game inappropriate for its name? Seventy and a few ??? One of the most amazing things about this game is its staff. I think that with 74 characters this is one of the fighting games with the most different characters that ever came out. And the best thing is that all of them are available without paying any extra money: Nintendo has not put any of the 74 characters announced behind a pre-purchase bonus or DLC, when in the world with EA and 2K basically living on the concept of micro-payments, Really. The game will start with only the original eight characters of the original game and as you play the game so you will develop more and more characters until you reach the maximum number of characters the game gives you. The ways in which you get more characters are varied, and when you have a few fights you have the option of fighting some character to achieve it by defeating it. I have to say that getting all the characters can be no easy task at all, when the game is very tough about when a fight will appear where you can get a new character. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways and methods to get around this so that you can get all the characters in about two hours, so it’s a relatively easy problem. The staff of the characters includes, of course, every character who ever appeared in Super Smash Bros game.

With some new characters such as Ken, Street Fighter, the family duo of Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont from Castlevania and more. The new additions feel most of them are very suitable for the game and it will be difficult to wait and see which characters will be added to the game later on. One of the new features that this game brings to the table is the entire Spirits mechanism and the status of the only player that comes with it – the state of adventure “World of Light”. The entire Spirits mechanism is based in part on the trophies from the previous games he introduced to us, such as small sculptures that could be picked up in the game, and each statue presented a character from another game. The game is full of hundreds of different spirits of characters from all kinds of games, when every spirit has its power And its special abilities. The winds can be achieved through a battle against a figure representing this spirit and believe me when I say that these battles are the most creative battles I have seen in this series of games. It’s amazing to see how much investment there is in the wind and which figure will represent it and what the conditions will be in this battle. In the battle against the spirit of Akuma will fight against the character of Ryu of the Street Fighter series, but when his power is increased and the battle is a battle with the descending points of life ; In the battle against the spirit of Houndoom Pokemon will fight against the character of the Wolf Star Fox series, only when he sparks fire from the beginning; The Battle against the Spirit of The Boss from the game Metal Gear Solid 3 is a battle against Zero Suit Samus super strong in a poisoned field with flowers and more and more. Any such battle really makes you feel like you’re fighting against that character really, and although it’s true that some of the battles were very lazy in their design (the battle against Meta Ridley was just a fight against Ridley. Metallic), most of the fights made me smile as they did.

The state of the story I mentioned earlier, World of Light, is based entirely on the principle of Spirits: all the characters of the game “died” except Kirby and now Kirby must go around in the world of the game, collect the ghosts in the game world and release the various characters in the game from the control of Galeem, the light. The state of this story is a kind of missed sight. On the one hand, the game does a lot right with “World of Light”: The world of story mode is simply huge, and it will take you more than 20 hours to finish it on the high level of difficulty. Spirits around the world are good and the game knows how to throw all kinds of other interesting things, such as the possibility to train your spirits, collect characters for the normal game and add all kinds of interesting mazes in the map. What’s more, this game mode incorrectly divides Spirits sometimes, and can create a situation where you will have a lot of simple and relatively easy battles that feel like a wall on the way to your progress than a serious and interesting battle. In addition, and this may be related to how much I liked the Subspace Emissary, the story mode could do more at the level of the Cutscenes to empower the world of the game and emphasize how this game represents gaming as a whole. Still, even with all this, this is a very good game situation that I really enjoyed. But wait, there’s more! The game does not stop here in terms of its offline modes, and of course in addition to the story mode and the option of just hitting a regular battle of up to eight players at once, we have a collection of new game modes and completely new game modes: Classic Mode returns, Normal, at the end there is a boss battle that changes according to the character with whom you will play. The game also returned the game mode of Mob Smash and the various challenge boards that function as the game’s achievements mechanism. In terms of new game modes you can find Smashdown – a game mode in which after each battle, the selected characters will no longer be available for use, which is a great game mode for experienced players who want to take advantage of their abilities with several characters.

Another new game is Squad Battles that allows you to play as a team against another team which is another great situation for parties, as well as the game mode of Tourney that allows you to create a tournament with your own rules and the number of players you want to determine who is the best of your friends at home / work. The game also allows you to create special game modes of your choice, with my favorite is creating a game mode that causes Super Smash Bros. Super Street Fighter . All these game modes add to the online status of the game, which is better than the previous game in the series, it still needs improvement: the game throws you into fights much more easily and allows you to play with people who enjoy the same style of play , without classifying you For specific game modes of For Glory or For Fun. This mechanism is not perfect, and sometimes you will find yourself in a battle with accessories and Assist Trophies and Final Smashes that you did not want, but most of my battles were exactly the kind I wanted them to be. The game allows you to team up with friends more easily with the Arena, which also allows you to decide whether you want to watch the game or play yourself, plus – the game gives you the option to keep replay of fights more comfortable than the previous game and even edit them as you wish. What bothered me was the fact that once in a few games I had problems connecting with the other player who caused the Lags at best and cut off completely at worst. I enjoy the competitive game at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it’s a pity that in the current situation it’s a bit difficult to play online on a regular basis and you have to deal with a lot of Input Lag at button clicks. I guess it will be fixed later with Pachim.

As with the switch, the game can work in a mobile mode in addition to the TV mode and here the game works smoothly without problems, but in this game it is worth you to limit yourself to 1 or 1 to 3 players, because on the small screen a bit difficult to follow Whatever happens, certainly if you took a relatively small figure like Pikachu or Pichu . God is in the details but the most fun thing to see in this game is the amount of love spilled into it. I do not think there exists today, or ever existed a game that represented the concept of “gaming” more than this game. We have already talked about the number of psychic characters, but the fact that these characters come from so many different places surprises me every time anew. The fact that bunkers such as Konami and Square Enix have agreed to give Snake and Cloud a second time is not obvious. The addition of the new characters only proves how dedicated Nintendo is to bringing new and refreshing characters and has not yet touched on this critique of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which makes the game even more accessible for new players to the series and improves mechanics that veteran players already know. The returning characters also received all sorts of minor changes that show how much investment was made in the game: Link got a set of abilities from the new game Breath of the Wild, which changed completely in terms of style of play; Mario has all sorts of costumes from games between Smash 4 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other different costumes and dubbing work designed to wink the fans of the various games. But I think the ambition that the game really shines is the strongest in his music. The game has more than 800 different music tracks from many different game series.

You’ll find music tracks from Street Fighter, Sonic Heroes, music tracks from Castlevania to GBA, Super Nintendo, Metal Gear Solid, Pokemon, Bayonetta, Xenoblade Chronicles, and so much more to tell you The truth, sometimes I feel I do not deserve all this good. Those of you who follow me know how important music is to me in gaming, and when a game incorporates so much of the history of the soundtrack in such a way , for me it is as if they have combined my history as a gamer, : “There’s nothing better than that”. Ultimate is not the best game of the year for me – this honor is reserved for God of War for the PS4 console. But when I look back at last year I find it hard to find a game I enjoyed more than this game. The number of psychic characters presented me with various options for the game, the new characters turned out to be one-off, the number of arenas is also psychic and the game has a very solid and fun single player situation that only accompanies a very good online situation. With all this you add all the investment that Sakurai and his crew at Sora together with Bandai Namco gave in the form of the wonderful Spirits battles, the amount of abnormal music in the game, the work the team and Nintendo are doing to bring new, creative and cool characters to the rest and the small nuances in each arena, the Final Smash attack and the various animations and you not only get the Super Smash Bros game. But also a fighting game that can be played in two or three years without getting bored. If last year Nintendo ended its crazy year with a feeble response, this year it happened exactly the opposite: Nintendo started really slow and ended with its best game of the year with a huge gap.

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