Review: Red Dead Redemption 2

An accurate reconstruction of the Wild West, and a love letter for open world games “Where’s my hat, damn it?” I mutter to myself. The room is empty, it is 3 am and the bags in the eyes become heavier. I have an army tomorrow, but there’s no way I’m going to sleep, not now that I have so much left to do. I find my hat next to her body a few minutes ago was a robber who tried to take my money. I lift my hat off the floor and take the bandits’ loot. I raise my head and see in front of me an entire world, alive and breathing. Huge green forests stretch out before me, the sun shines stronger than ever and radiates warmth I can imagine, my horse went aside to chew some grass and in the background a pleasant acoustic guitar that can be defined as cults in the cream. I enjoy the moment to the last drop, and turn off the console. Not because I’m sick of it, but because nothing will survive this moment today.

Meet Red Dead Redemption 2, not the game of the year, the game of the decade. Once Upon A Time In The West This year, 1899, we play a robber named Arthur Morgan, a longtime member of Dutch Van der Linde’s gang,. Arthur is a tough man, one who has seen a lot of things in his life, and the more progressive the plot we learn about him. His past, his ambitions, the fears of life he had chosen, and even the object of love. He is cynical and can be a maniac, but he is only a man who tries to survive the life of the gangs he knew when he was a child. Datch took him and raised him as if he were his son, and the connection between the two deepened and developed, along with Arthur’s connections with the rest of the gang. Maybe something important to know – the game moves very slowly. Unlike the wild beginnings of other Rockstar games, here the game starts as calm as possible and takes the time to make sure you know all the possible jogs before it frees you into the wild and cruel world of the Wild West. The first battle takes about an hour or so after you’ve started the game, and the first one happens only towards the end of the first episode. And it’s good that it’s like that! Not every game has to start as crazy as possible, and Red Dead Redemption 2 makes it great.

He does not throw a gun at you and tells you to murder a town. He holds out your hand and walks you through snowy mountains with a perfect combination of narrative and playfulness. I’m sorry to say, but people who get bored quickly make up and long dialogues will probably exhaust the game after a few hours. I beg you, give him a chance, you will not be disappointed. If you are a person who is connected to these things, I believe that I should not continue to criticize. The plot follows Arthur and the gang as they move from one hiding place to another in order to escape the law after a major robbery that went wrong. Every federal agent pursues them, and as Deutch’s right hand, you have to make sure your people stay alive. Within the framework of the plot, you will commit many robberies and other crimes in order to make money that will keep the gang on your feet. You will rob trains, banks, ships, sell exotic horses and steal money from the richest people in America of the present time. Each task feels different and unique, and you will always feel that you are making another small step towards freedom and a better future. As the plot progresses, you will find yourself participating in more insane missions that group the entire gang together and really shows how deep and real their relationship is just like a family.

In the previous game we played John Marston, a former bandit recruited by the government to hunt down his fellow gang members – Bill Williamson, Javier Escuela,. In this game, all the characters appear, all with the same talkers and all with the same personality. I was always happy when they were on the screen and I got to learn more about them and always looked for other tasks or activities in the camp. I can not imagine how happy I was when I met John for the first time and I heard that the original Dobber also gave his special voice in this game. John is younger, less experienced and more angry and out of control. Together with Abigail, he is raising their little son Jack, and at the beginning of the game he keeps his distance from them and refuses to be the father they expect, and it was great to see him grow up and become a warm family man who got to know the first game. The gang is an inseparable part of the game. This is your mother base, where you will start most of the tasks in the plot and there will invest most of your resources. You can sleep there, shave, change clothes, collect equipment for the road like food and ammunition, take care of your horse and talk to the rest of the gang. You can go out with them for activities, each suited to the personality of that character.

You can go hunting with Charles, steal houses with a caviar, collect debts with Strauss, the German accountant of the gang, or play games like Five Finger Fillet with Micha, a hothead or domino with one of the play girls your. And here’s where it gets interesting – any task, no matter what you do, is invested just like a standard plot task. I began a hunting mission with Charles that involved hunting down some bison for the gang. After my first killing, Charles noticed that there were a lot of bison bodies in the area. We began to explore and discovered a group of hunters who hunted these animals not for their meat or fur, but just for sport. Charles the nature lover is furious at the hunters and we can choose how to approach the situation – let them live or flow with his anger and kill them all. We protected them and returned to the camp, and Charles began to tell me about his life in the tribe as a child and how he came to the gang of Dutch. On one mission, I received a lot of information about Charles’s personality through his dialogues with Arthur and the characters we met, and I felt a personal connection to him every time I saw him in the camp. When I turned to him after a few days, he apologized for the way he responded and thanked me for being there for him in those moments. This whole task would have looked completely different if the game had not had its innovative interaction system.

This is a truly live and breathing world, and this time, Red Dead Redemption 2 presents an interactive system that allows you to talk to any character in the game world. The system draws inspiration from Bully, where they can talk to any student at school and be nice or bad to him. Here the system is much deeper, with varying dialogues and influence on how Arthur is portrayed as a figure. You can greet peace figures or curse and harass them until they run away or attack you. The system is completely dynamic and situation dependent, so if on one bright day you ride for pleasure and suddenly a band of robbers tries to rob you, you can choose how to react. You can try to convince them to leave you, give them your money, laugh at their pathetic attempt or simply pull out a gun and create a new hole in their forehead. Once I bumped into a man who had been bitten by a snake. He broke into a path from the woods and cried for help before he lay down on the floor and began to writhe in pain and scream. I went over to him and saw that I had the option to help him by sucking the poison or giving him medicine. In the same breath, I could choose to shoot him in the head and take the money or just leave him to die.

I chose to help him, the man thanked me and continued on his way. When I arrived in the nearest town a few days later, the man was there, thanked me for the help and offered to pay for every weapon I chose from the weapons camps. Through these choices you shape the Arthur you want him to be – a man who helps people in trouble and robbery just to help the gang survive, or one who enjoys seeing people suffering and robbing the weak and the innocent. The world responds to everything you do. You entered the city after killing half of the population? Probably someone will remind you that they have not forgotten what you did, and if you have a reward on your head – the sheriff must be on his way. Your actions are measured by the honor meter of the game. Have you done too many bad things like robbing innocents and killing bystanders? Apparently your honor meter is at the bottom and the characters you meet will be more hostile and will not talk to you. Are you good people who love to help? People will be nice to you and stores will offer you discounts at prices. The game world feels more alive than any game you will ever play, because unlike other RPG games where your choices change – here you see the results in the character’s daily life, not in certain parts of the plot. And yes, the same system was in the original game that was released eight years ago, but it was not as deep as what you will find here.

Realism is so high that you will still think that real life is a mistake. The game strives to provide players with the highest realism experience seen in the Rockstar game. This is not a survival game that will make Arthur die if he does not eat 8 steaks every 15 minutes, but something much more moderate and much more enjoyable. You’ll have to notice if you eat, sleep and shower enough, and the game encourages you to take care of Arthur just as you take care of yourself. Have not you gone to bed for a few days? Arthur’s energy will be emptied which will keep you from running and make your way to be less good. You will need to sleep or eat something to replenish energy and figures in the world will wake you up if your beard or hair is too long or you have not taken a long shower. But wait, realism does not end here. The game makes your movement feel as real as possible, be it on foot or on a horse. Arthur will raise his feet as he walks in the mud, striding step by step as he goes up or down the stairs and slips down on a gentle mountain. continue? As you ride the horse and pass through a few branches of trees, Arthur and his horse will tilt their heads just as you would if you were to snatch a branch. If you ride too fast and crash into a tree, your horse will crash on it and make you sure that it broke every object in your body as you fly through the air and think why they have not invented safety belts yet.

These are small details that together make the whole experience much more realistic and enjoyable. And speaking of your horse in this game – you should also take care of him on the way. The game added a “Login” system to your horse. The more you ride on it, clean it and feed it, the stronger your horse will be. Each horse has 4 stages of connecting, each step raises the meter of life and speed and adds a kind of special ability. You can stop with it faster or make drips, and controlling it will be easier in stressful situations such as a shooting battle or a predatory animal attack. Believe me, the moment you hook up with your horse and accidentally kill it, you’ll notice a change in the performance of your new horse. This makes your horse your best friend, one you do not want to kill by mistake because all the investment you put in it will go to hell. You will be able to get new horses by breaking them in nature or by purchasing any existing beverage, but you will be ready to start the whole connection from the beginning. And believe it or not, you can design your horse any way you like.

Not at the level of changing the race or color, but you can have upgraded saddles that will allow you to hold more weapons, more pockets to hold more ammunition and objects and cosmetic changes like the length of your horse’s hair or tail. You can also choose a name for him, just do not use curses! The horse is also your toolkiller. Arthur can only have 2 guns and 2 guns, and if you want to change a certain weapon, you can do it only through your horse. It makes players think before they enter a situation that does not include their horse. Do I want to take the sniper for remote killing and my hunting rifle for close battles or do I use arrow and bow for quiet kills and most for emergencies? Which gun would I be more comfortable with? Have you ever forgotten to take weapons from the horse? You will have to use your two pistols and pray that the battle will pass peacefully. Wild battles in the Wild West The battle system of the game has taken some private lessons from previous games of Rockstar and probably the best way to describe it is that it works just like the battle system of GTA 5 combined with Max Payne’s cinematic 3. It will probably take you some time to get used to it, and here’s the reason – when you aim your weapon, you press a button to shoot, just like any game. You press again, the character shoots the weapon again. Remember the realism we talked about? He’s still here. You have to press the button a second time to load the ball that is in the weapon before you shoot it.

When I got into my first fight I did not understand why Arthur was firing so slowly, and only a few battles later I realized I had to press once to shoot and second time to load the next shot. It makes shooting fights much more stressful and the whole battle experience much more realistic, and what bothered me at first became a feature that I think only adds to the game. And you must remember – you are not a walking tank! Maybe in the previous game you could fight large numbers of enemies without going into shelter because John’s life gauge filled so fast, but here the situation is completely different. Even 3 individual enemies can be a threat to you if you do not get into a fight properly, and if you do not find effective shelter, you’re already dead. Arthur’s life gets slower at combat, so you’ll have to rely on your possessions to have a chance of survival. Have I said that this game is realistically crazy? As time passes and more weapons are used, it will begin to rust. If your weapon is rusty, it will work less well than it can. The damage will be lower, the direction will be more difficult and the range will be significantly affected. Arthur could oil the weapon and clean it up to restore it to an effective state. You will not have to do this every half hour, but always remember to check the status of your weapon periodically and see if it works best.

The Dead Eye system from the first game is better than ever. It works just like you think – everything is put into slow motion and you can quickly target and shoot targets one by one. This system gets better as you progress through the plot when you finally see vulnerabilities in animals and enemies. The system is critical in any situation, and your Dead Eye meter will only be renewed if you use objects that help to fill it, which can lead to shooting battles where you have a completely empty meter. The game has a huge variety of weapons, and you can design any weapon as you wish. You can choose which color it will be, what kind of wood it will be built on, whether it will be wrapped in fur to keep it clean, what engravings to apply to it, what color the engravings will be. You can design any weapon you have, even your knife, so you can always make sure that your favorite weapons will see as best and as unique as you can.. Each weapon feels and sounds different, and after a few hours of play you will notice that you automatically choose your favorite weapons as you mount the horse towards the next mission. But of course in such a big game, obviously you will not use only guns. Arthur has two hands he can use to fight boxing matches with anyone who challenges him.

You can hit, kick, kick, repel and block attacks, and larger, muscular figures will take more time to defeat than the frightened child you broke into the house. If you get some serious blows, Arthur’s face will be swollen and maybe a flashlight or two will appear, and you can even see the marks on Arthur’s face in transitional scenes. Fight a group of people? Probably one of them will grab you from the back while the other slaps you in the ribs, and always this is a situation that will not end well before you. Rockstar deepened the system as much as possible and made it part of the overall battle system, unlike the previous game, all you could do was hit people and pray they would fall to the ground. You can even sneak in this game! Here’s something I did not expect to say about a Rockstar game, but the stealth system works perfectly, and people did not know that you’d killed somebody in the middle of a forest as long as they did not see or hear it. Sneak in the middle of the night to someone’s house and steal things from him or stick a knife in the back of a sleepy guard, so long as no one saw you, there is no one to call the law on you. I fired at the sheriff, but I did not shoot his lieutenant and in this game you should not get in trouble with the law. If a man saw Arthur commit a certain crime, he would run to report to the nearest jurist. Arthur could try to persuade him not to report it, whether it was words or blows. You have succeeded, well done.

You failed to reach it in time and the crime was reported? People of law will come to the area where you committed the crime and begin to investigate. If you wear a mask, it will be harder for them to identify you if you are in the area. Did not you wear something that covered your face? The law knows who you are and for every additional crime you commit, a reward will be added to your head. The higher the prize, the greater the number of law-enforcement officials and head hunters chasing you. If you return to a city that has a high reward, people may recognize you and report you. Law people will immediately try to stop you and you can try to escape or surrender and go to jail, which will take you a certain amount of money and damage your reputation. I confess, I shot Sheriff of Valentine City. What to do, in such a game I had to know what would happen if I murdered the most important law man in town. The game actually wanted me to do it. I got a very respectable reward on my head and started to run away.

When I returned a few days later, the sheriff was safe and sound. Never mind, maybe the bullet in his head made him forget me. No, he’s pointing a rifle at me now. I surrendered, was put into Klabosh, and to my surprise was presented to a scene in which Datch went to jail, talking lightly to the sheriff’s deputy and paying the prize on my head. I get out and go out with Datch out, and the two begin a light dialogue as if this is not the first time they have done such a thing. The scene was full of humor and personal made me want to go into jail more to see what ways Ditch will rescue me this time. On the other hand, you can also work for the law. The game allows you to be a bounty hunter who acts as a sheriff and pursues wanted criminals for the prize on their heads. You’re no longer chasing just a bad guy for money – you’re chasing a figure with a personality. Each person has a name and background story that you will learn in one way or another.

One is a woman who seduces men and murders them, the other is a former criminal who founded a family and abandoned this life behind. He asks me to separate from his family, I agree. He came with me without resisting. I tie him up and put him on the horse while his wife comforts his son that they will manage without his father. It’s hard for me, she’s on the verge of tears. I look at them and shoot the woman in the head. The boy runs away, the father yells at me and swears at me, everything is so real. I start to ride toward the city when suddenly a bunch of strangers attacks me. “This is the man the boy told us about!” One of them shouts. The father is happy, I kill them all.

What if I did not kill the mother? Would not they attack me? I’ll only know when I play for the second time. No wonder it took them 8 years. Hunt or hunt you, and you will be hunted a lot to keep Arthur strong and healthy, you need to make sure he eats enough. You can find tin cans or some kind of food and use them in times of trouble. Another alternative is hunting, which received much more depth than the previous game. The game has more than 800 different species of animals that you can learn and hunt. Bears, wolves, snakes, birds, horses, dogs, cats and even mice, all of them you can kill and slaughter for their fur, flesh and skins. Did you see an animal that you wanted to hunt and lost? Arthur could trace her tracks and follow her. Each animal will require you to use different weapons to get the best fur quality. To hunt a deer, you will need to use a long range rifle, while rabbit hunting will require a bow and arrow with more delicate arrows that will lessen the fur. You can sell the fur or build new clothing that will keep you heated in cooler weather.

After you have learned a certain animal, you can see how to kill it in the cleanest way and you will have to hit its weak points with the Dead Eye system. After killing her, you can slaughter the animal in a very brutal animation that presents, without fear, Arthur taking off the skin of the animal, rolling and dragging it with him to his horse. It’s easy to talk when you hunt a deer, but wait a moment for Puma to storm you in the middle of the forest and have to dig it up and make do with the very low quality of fur. But hey, at least you’re out alive. The game also contains legendary animal species that you can hunt in return for the goblets you take from them and put in Arthur’s tent in your camp. If you do not understand yet, it’s a simple game. Everything in this game seems perfect, accurate to the smallest detail. The game world is huge, and each area feels completely different from the previous. At any given time you can move from green forests, rich and entangled with crocodiles to swamps, snowy mountains or yellowish desert and dead. This is the most beautiful game I’ve ever had to play, one that made me want to buy a PS4 PRO, also to experience it best and also for my console to stop screaming its soul at me.

Do not tell anyone, but I took the game with me to close the Shabbat at the base. I connected the game to the TV in the room and played until my roommates shouted at me to turn off the television and go to sleep because there was light outside for a second. Next to me sat a friend who had closed with me, who did not understand the games very well. The face on his face when he saw me playing was not of this world, and I’m pretty sure I made him want to buy a console just for this game. When it comes to facial expressions and animations, Roxstar outdone themselves. If you thought GTA 5 made its characters look good, RDR2 makes it look perfect. Combined with excellent dubbing and excellent sound, this game is simply one big cinematic experience. Bottom Line What else can I say? I did not want to finish this game. It hurt for every percentage of my progress, but I enjoyed every moment I experienced in the world that Rockstar has created here in the last 8 years. Everything is done with thought and lots of love behind it, each task takes you to new heights, each dialogue reveals another detail about your favorite character, each battle feels dangerous and exciting.

The dogs bark and the birds chirp, Arthur walks around the bar and smokes a cigarette. The horse waits outside, the sun shines, I make sure the hat is still on. I climb the horse and mark my next destination. I still have plenty to do, no time to waste.

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