Review: Kingdom Hearts 3 – Sura Darkness, Away Black

The magic of Disney and Final Fantasy returns, and it’s good. But not listed copy coverage of Kingdom Hearts 3 given to us by Adley United, thank you very much! There are a few crossbars that connect fans from two different ends of the bow like the Kingdom Hearts series. The series of games that began by mistake due to the fact that the offices of Square Enix and Disney were sitting in the same building in Japan, is still considered one of the most popular games in the genre of roles, with millions of fans waiting for the exit of the third game in the story of Sura, the hero with thorny hair and his travels around Disney’s different worlds in an attempt to defeat the forces that want to bring a balance between darkness and light and do not let light prevail. At the end of last month the third game in the series finally came out, so let’s see if it was worth waiting more than 13 years to finish the complex story of the series. How complex you ask. ? From the trees, do not see the story very, very complex. While the game is called Kingdom Hearts 3 and technically is the third game in the series that follows the exploits of Sura, Gopi and Donald, the series will have many more games that further expand the story and the world of the game. In fact, between the second and third games came out no less than five Different games, with everyone without exception related to the plot of the main games. What is interesting is that instead of basing the story of these games as stories of their own and trying to focus on specific events, the game is quite trying to close all the ends it can only aim to end the saga of Xehanort,.

I understand the idea behind this, after all, all the games are related to each other and to close the story properly, there really is a need to close all the different games, but it is not that the story in each of these games is simple and those of you who played only the major games in the series And never went through games like Kingdom Hearts 365/2 Days or Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded going to scratch your head more than once and wonder where all the other characters came from and how they relate to the story. It seems that it does not really matter what you do, you will have to play every game before this game to try to figure out exactly how all the characters connect to each other properly that to my mind it’s a pity – you could perhaps leave some open ends for sequel games and tighten the story of Sora So I would not feel that I was moving between 6-7 different plots in the same game. Get the best of all worlds As befitting the Kingdom Hearts game, Sora, Gopi and Donald will travel on a journey between different Disney worlds. Some of the worlds return from previous games and some completely new. Before I dive into the worlds, I will touch a small part that has received major improvement and I really enjoyed it and it is the Gummy Ship, through your transition between the different worlds. If in the past the transition on the map between the different worlds was quite banal when the special missions were the only thing that saved that part of the game, now the transition between the worlds takes place in an area that is half open world with options to explore and fly freely. This makes the transition between the worlds much more fun and enjoyable, all in addition to the various tasks that return to the game, the battles of the bosses with the ship and the ability to create your own ship. The worlds themselves, as I have already pointed out, range from the worlds we have already visited and completely new worlds such as the Frozen Kingdom of Arendal, the world of characters from Toy Story and the city of San Francucci from Big Hero 6. In every world, of course, there is another gameplay feature that makes it unique. The problem with the different worlds is based on balancing them: It’s not that there are necessarily bad worlds, but there are worlds where it’s hard to find something to do and they feel a bit empty.

The world of Pirates of the Caribbean is spectacular and takes some Black Flag impressions with gameplay that includes quite impressive naval battles and exploration of various islands to find treasures, while there is the world of Winnie the Pooh that feels almost completely empty in comparison. The same is true of the world of Tangle and the charming kingdom of Corona, which also received a wooded area and the city as well, while the Kingdom of Arendal, who really did not have anything but snow. Most of the worlds were good, but there were those who really left a feeling of being missed. Something that can be said about everyone in a sweeping manner is how beautiful they are. Every world looks breathtaking and I stop taking pictures in almost every world I’ve ever been through. In addition, every world is full of things you can do, whether to take pictures like I mentioned before, to look for the lucky symbols of Mickey Mouse spread throughout the map, cook with the mouse Chef Marttoy, upgrade your weapons for the various battles (touch this gameplay soon. ) And to make various challenges that you will find in different worlds. Everybody Hates Donald Kingdom Hearts 3 Just like his predecessors is an action / role game and as such we have a very strong emphasis here on spectacular and special attacks and the combination of physical blows with different magic. The game allows for the first time to be more than three people in a group and switch between your various weapons during the battle. As in the previous games, you will only control Sora while the other characters will be activated by the computer, which can lead to a lot of shouting on the screen when Donald prefers to fight with a junior enemy instead of healing you.

The battles themselves with the various opponents are fun and exciting, and at the highest levels you will also need tactics and mental investment, since it is very important to pay attention to what is going on in the arena and respond accordingly. The game also added, with the exception of special abilities, special attacks based on Walt Disney World facilities such as the pirate ship, carousel and revolving tea cups. These attacks are very spectacular and colorful and can damage many enemies at once. Combine this along with the improvement in Sora’s various abilities to move around the map and you get a fun and fast action gameplay that would not shame even the games of Platinum Games. The problem with such playfulness is that it requires a better camera that gives the player an option to see what is happening around him, and unfortunately more than once the camera was my biggest opponent in the game. The camera is free, but also with the option to fix it there will be a lot of cases where you try to attack one thing, and something else will appear in front of you on the screen, or suddenly opponent behind you will decide to surprise without warning. In some of the special attacks the camera becomes fixed and it is difficult to understand where the enemies are on the scene, and in some special attacks I found myself falling to the floor below me because the name of the special attack left me. I enjoyed the battles in the game but it’s a shame that the camera did not help me anymore when I played. The bottom line If you have all the problems of the game on the side, then this is a good action / role-playing game, with fast and furious action, lots to do during the 40+ hours you spend in the game and overall this game is really fun. The problem is that I can not write a serious and professional review of the game without addressing all his problems: The clumsy camera, the complicated and difficult story to understand and the imbalance between the different worlds left me with a sour taste at the end of the journey that was Kingdom Hearts 3.

Make no mistake – I still think this is a very good game and this is also reflected in the score of the game, but it had so much more to give that I can not help but feel a little disappointed at the end of the experience.

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