Review: Jump Force – This is not how you celebrate your 50th birthday

Jump Force brings us a cross-over that, apart from combining a few animations on one screen, does not really offer anything else. The copy of the coverage of the game is given to us thanks to United, the official distributor of the game in Israel. Thank you! Weekly Shonen Jump, the best-selling Japanese manga magazine, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Why should it interest us? Because he is responsible for publishing some of the most successful melodies in the world, especially here in Israel: One Piece, Dragon Ball, Naruto and more. So the best way to celebrate your 50th birthday is, of course, a terrifying cross-over of the most famous and beloved characters from the Shonen Jump titles – hence the name of the game: Jump Force. Jump Force gives you the opportunity to take the reins of 40 different characters from 16 different titles, but not before you have to create your own avatar. If you’ve always dreamed of designing an anime character to your heart’s content, congratulations, now you can. During the game you can also get different combat costumes and abilities for your Avatar, so you will not just stay a pretty face. We did not come for the plot, and the developers apparently know that the game starts with a lot of promising action – but can not keep up. From the very beginning, you will witness the takeover of the infamous Harpoon Bull-Freeze Harp on New York’s Times Square area .

Priza is followed by an army of villains called Venoms and under brainwashing. Sun Goku comes immediately to save the situation and the passersby in Times Square, and begins to fight in Preza – not before one of the civilians was hurt not far from the battlefield. Priza withdrew after a while of fighting in Goku. Tranks treats the citizen with a special device that gives him powers, and that is how your character is created – after explaining a little what happened and how the worlds collided with each other – joins Jump Force, the special fighting force created to fight the Venoms army and restore order in the world.. But, before you start fighting the bad guys, you will have to choose which team of the Jump Force you are just joining: The same Alpha Team Goku leader, Team Beta it’s leader Luffy or rather the same gamma team Naruto leader. Within each team you can find characters beloved by the anime-so that for a moment you will not forget that it’s a cross-over. I will not lie that the tach in which you not only control anime characters, but create one of your own, very cute and gives a personal aspect here to the game I did not expect him. But it just is not enough. A plot that opens with so much noise and ringing-I’d expect you to stand up to them; But the gap between the action of the beginning of the game and the repetitiveness of the game is simply too great. You’re fighting, saving Vitita from brainwashing.

Fighting again, saving another brainwashing figure they did. One of the things that is not lacking in anime and melodies is a plot. The Japanese know how to write action well, nothing to say, plus – they can combine a lot of comedy into their anime, which is exactly what I lacked in the game. Give me some Kakashi ego battle in front of Piccolo; Let the boroto, Luffy, and Tranks argue who is stronger when the rest of the group watches from the sidelines and bursts into laughter. Why so serious? All I had to do was to think that the developers apparently decided very quickly that everything the audience wanted was another fighting game and tried to isolate it by inserting characters that supposedly would never have been in the same game – so they let some junior intern experiment with writing a screenplay . But before we really touch on the reason we gathered – what’s stronger, Kamahmah or Rasangan – a few words about the bizarre decisions made by the keys in terms of graphics. Anime in the real world I can not think of any logical reason why Bandai Namco and Spike Chunsoft made this puzzling design choice. I guess everyone who came across a game trailer knows what I’m talking about: instead of the characters looking exactly the way they should look – as if they took the anime out and put it directly on your console / computer – for some reason, the developers decided to give the characters a more “real” look; As if they saw the accuracy of the fine details and the realistic and wonderful graphics that exist in the market today in most games, and told themselves that they also want. But what is the result? The figures look like plastic dolls. As if I had ordered a sasuke doll on eBay and that’s what came out.

Why, for God’s sake, to take an anime – the thing that most distinguishes it is its animation style – and just ruin it? I thought I’d get used to it and it would be okay, but as the game progresses and there’s more Cutscenes, you can not ignore it. Even the mouth of the characters barely moves when they speak, not to mention facial expressions. I remember when I first started playing on Naruto Ninja Storm 3, and I was amazed at how much the game makes me feel like I’m actually watching anime but taking a real part in it. Here, you will not get it. What’s strange is that it’s just disappointing, because it’s really hard to connect to the game when it looks like this and when you hear the developers call it “design choice” and do not really give a reason. And let’s not even talk about Goku’s Voice Acting. You’re Super Sayen, why is a five-year-old girl pissing you off? The reason we gathered was the battle system. As usual, you can choose to play online against people from around the world, against your computer or against a friend on the same screen. The battle system is based on 3: 3 battles: you make up your team . Play one character when the other two will be your support, and will help you from time to time with different combos.

And if we have already mentioned them: the jump force combos are quite easy. If we play games such as Tecn, we will need to combine timing, training and experience to get to the right buttons at the right time, in this case to get to the Combo that we will not need to incorporate too much thought or spend too much time in training, but simply press two buttons and we finished. This system brings the battle to contain much more long animations of special attacks than the other fighting against each other. I do not think I ever pressed so few buttons during a fighting game. Although in most games of this type – depending on who you play, I think that in this case one can say quite objectively that the battle system is too easy and more complex than luck and talent. You will learn very quickly how to use a combo that will bring you to victory and what your opponent’s weaknesses are. It’s fun, really – but it’s not challenging in any way. The bottom line Jump Force really was not what I expected, and I doubt it would be like what you expected, if you played. The bizarre graphics along with a story that is supposed to be shrouded in mystery are revealed as a rather poor combination, which certainly does not celebrate the 50th birthday of a magazine that has brought so many beloved stories and characters to the world. If I had played this game 10 years ago, I might have been enthusiastic about the battle system.

But because in today’s age, every 12-year-old who spends a few hours learning to master the mechanics of different games, Jump Force is simply not challenging. It’s fun, but only for the first hour after it-it’s just boring.

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