Review – Gamdias Hephaestus P1

While they can not be used outside the home, these are very high quality headphones at a low price when you think of gaming peripherals and especially on headphones What company do you think most? HyperX? Razer? So yes, like many of you, I also think of the big companies when I look for a mouse, keyboard or gaming headset that will improve my gaming experience and a company like Gamdias is not the first company I think of.. So when we put our hands on the company’s new headphones, the Hephaestus P1, I wanted to see what it was about, especially when it came to inexpensive headphones with a unique design that I had not seen in any other gaming headsets I had. So is it a gaming headset whose quality is equal to their cheap price, or should the big companies start worrying about the new company’s entry into Israel? What’s in the box? In the box of Gamdias gaming headsets you can find only the headphones. It is true that this is not why you entered the article and the packaging is a little less important than what is inside, but I would love to drop more accessories in the box or if there are no accessories such as a carrying case or cover for headphones that the packaging will look more elegant and prestigious than what we get here, As HyperX do with their headphones and products. In any case, if you’re going to throw the box in the trash after you get the headphones, so you do not worry, you do not miss a lot. Structure and design The structure of the headphones I can define as a combination of good and strange. The earphones themselves are made of very durable hard plastic with the bow made from aluminum that gives the headset a very luxurious feeling, especially in the gaming headset market. You can also find a very comfortable upholstery on the earphones and on the bow, which allows you to stay with the headphones for a long time, which is very helpful considering that these headphones are heavier than other gaming earphones I used to use. The design of the headphones is a bit odd: instead of the familiar round structure of typical overhead headphones, here the headphones are slightly oval shaped with a large opening at the front of the headphones designed to help cool your ears and prevent overheating from prolonged use.

I understand people who will see this design and be deterred, but I actually think it contributes to a futuristic and more appealing look for headphones. In addition, the fact that headphones come with RGB LEDs definitely contributes to the feel of headphones from another world. Two things that I did not like about the headphones were the fact that you could not unplug the microphone – a feature I would expect to find in any headset and I think could prevent situations where the microphone was damaged as a result of the wrong movement of the headphones in the bag or on the table and the other thing I did not like is that it is a USB headset Only, with no possibility of using them as headphones. This means that these headphones can not be used on cell phones, tablets or the Nintendo Switch when in portable mode without using any adapter and I really do not understand the reason behind it. The fact that they can not be used outside the home can deter some people, although on the other hand with the bombastic design of the headphones is a deterrent to the removal of these headphones out of the house. One last thing about the structure of the headphones – the connection cable of the headphones to the computer is not a normal cable but braided cable (which is heavier than a normal cable, it definitely feels more durable and stronger. The quality of the audio in these headphones is very good – I chose to try out the headphones in several different games that gave me a look at how these headphones sound good and all the headphones brought what I was looking for. In Dark Souls I was able to hear all the threatening background sounds that are important to the atmosphere of the game, Like Doom and Call of Duty, the quality of the audio made me feel like I was in the battle myself thanks to the sound card that allows listening at 7. 1 channel, a card that has become standard in gaming headsets in recent years and I’m definitely happy that Gamdias did not give up adding it here. I have to emphasize that this is not the headset with the best sound I have ever heard, this honor is reserved for other headphones, but let’s say you get a lot more than what you paid for it in the field of headphones. It’s true that the microphone does the trick but there were times when I had to play with the input volume settings on my PS4 console so I would not have to shout to let them hear me properly.

The bottom line Overall, it is easy for me to recommend these headphones: These are headphones that feel quite durable, they are very comfortable on my head, the sound quality is excellent, whether it’s computer games or music and videos and the addition of RGB lights adds to the fact that the headphones are visible Pretty cool, even if their design is not standard. On the other hand, that does not mean that everything is good in them: the fact that there is no option at all to connect 3. 5 mm drop limits the use of headphones for consoles and computer and the fact that you can not remove the microphone can cause problems for users are cautious, but at a relatively low cost You get headphones that are far beyond what you need.

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