Review: Devil May Cry 5 – Capcom’s Jackpot

Disappointment, anger, pain, and pity-all these really do not describe what I feel about this game. The Devil May Cry series and I have a short history. My first game in the series was Devil May Cry 3, the version that came out on my PC, and I’m still debating whether this game or Metal Gear Solid 2 was the game that made me buy my first controller for the computer. It was also the first game I finished on the toughest level he offered and the game that perhaps more than anything has established my sympathy for crazy action games with a focus on style, monster combo, stunning graphics And abnormal fun. Since then, I have played most of the games in the series , and after a game that I thought was successful but deviated much from the original fans loved, Capcom brings us back to the roots with Devil May Cry V, the fifth game in the Devil May Cry series and the direct continuation of Devil May Cry 4 Great. So what did I think of him as a game critic and fan of the series? The hero of the previous game, Nero, decided to open a branch on wheels of the company Devil May Cry – the society for the exorcism launched by our voice and immortal hero Dante. The game moves on several different levels as the story introduces us to some different and new characters like our main villain Urizen, a huge demon who takes advantage of the power of a satanic tree to strengthen. To win the Urizen, we will combine action with Nico, the mechanic who will provide us with new mechanical arms to replace the iconic arm of Nero that was lost to him at the beginning of the game by a mysterious figure, of course we are working with Dante who looks much older than ever and with the new character Us during the entire game. The story as you understand it is very hallucinatory and sometimes very diffuse, but most of it is built well and progressing at a good pace: the developers are more informed when to put a piece of the running synaptic, and when to let you go wild with the game’s great gameplay.

And even if it seemed to me that the game ended faster than previous games, I remembered that the last parts of Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4 stretched a little so it did not bother me that the game knew how to press the brakes and stop before it became too much and maybe leave some open ends for Game Continuation. The other characters that the game presents us with very good: Nico, the crazy creator of the game is perhaps very rude, but it provides beauty against the sometimes exaggerated seriousness of Nero. The most mysterious character of the new characters, V, behaves as expected from the Devil May Cry – reading poetry in the middle of a battle, arrogant to the extent that most importantly: not the most collaborating about telling what the hell goes with her . I very much hope that in the next games that will come out we will get more of them, because they really contributed to the story and gave us a bit more color for the game,. By the way, speaking of a colorful writer – as befits the first game developed for the new generation consoles, this is the most beautiful game in the series. Even the change that the characters passed did not bother me at all and the photo-realistic style actually compliments most of them. The soundtrack has nothing to talk about – despite some falls here and there is a fun and wonderful soundtrack works great with the general vibe of the game. All the style in the world But let’s say the truth, people go back to Devil May Cry not because the story is particularly exciting, not because the writing is inspiring or because the main characters are undergoing tremendous processes that change them from end to end, no: people come to Devil May Cry for three letters: SSS. The gameplay of Devil May Cry is known as the father and mother of the Action Games genre with style and goal in every stage and battle is very simple and not intuitive at all: you should not just beat your opponents: the goal is to humiliate them as much as possible. The more damage you do in different ways to different enemies, the more you will avoid hitting and the more you will get hurt, the more your style gauge will rise when the level you are aiming at is, of course, the SSS or the Super Sexy Stylish.

What’s great to see in the game is that in each of the different characters you can play with , there is a huge amount of abilities you can buy with your Red Orbs, your money in the game and use them whatever you want to win the demons you fight against them As crazy as possible. The game encourages combos and encourages experimenting with different weapons by not raising your score if you repeat the same combos and thus increase your desire to go back and do old stages with more powerful weapons and more only to see how you can maximize your abilities when playing DMC. At the base of the gameplay is the same but each character is different in terms of its playability: Nero will take more advantage of the capabilities of the Devil Breakers , to do serious damage and continue combos; Dante gets new weapons and the very effective mechanism of change between the four different styles at the push of a button is welcome again. V is a very different character from the other two because he has no ability to attack his opponents himself. His playfulness consists of summoning three different demons – a bird, a panther and a giant cocoon – to do damage to your enemies in order to finish them yourself. The developers have done a good job of limiting this power by having the breasts themselves have a life meter of their own that must be kept intact. As soon as one of your demons loses all his life meter he goes into a cooldown state that has to wait for it to end. I enjoyed the game very much with V, which was very well suited to his behavior in the story , but somehow I am disturbed by the fact that there is not enough control over your demons with V. Sometimes I would like to use the tactic of attacking and running with my panther in some boss fights, just to see him remain in a really frustrating way against the boss himself, grabbing damage and staying out of use for a while. In a game where the other two characters do exactly what you want and you control exactly their position, being in such a quantity of control feels a little strange.

The previous sentence was not the most correct since there is one other place where you have no control over your character and it is about the Devil Breakers. The game lets you go on a mission with a certain amount of Devil Breakers to increase, which is always nice, but do not worry about the game for the possibility of replacing your arms with the click of a button. The only way to replace them is by breaking them completely, making preparation for each stage of the task by itself, choosing which arms to take and in what order to break them. Again – not Deal Briker, but I would love to see real control. In terms of more challenges for the player, the game allows you to play more difficult levels of game after you have finished the game and throughout the game scattered side missions and confidentiality can be done. If you find one and you do not succeed it is not so bad, you can always get back to it from the main menu – a very smart step for developers. Another thing about gameplay: the game invented a kind of co-op mode called the Cameo system, which allows players to join other players in stages that enable it. It’s very cool, but the game barely makes use of it, so as a proof of concept it works, and it’s nice to see other actors in stages where more than one character appears, but in the future I would be happy to see real and extensive use of this mechanism. The bottom line is exactly the same – but exactly – you have to do a video game: fun, with a battle system that is easy to learn but difficult to master, with repeated reasons to open the game again and again and play it, a story that is very delusional and sometimes diffuse, Great pace, good length, great graphics, great performance – I do not have a bad word about this game – except maybe the gameplay with V made me feel a bit random in a game that’s all based on control, but here, too,. Devil May Cry V Maybe Bayonetta 2 does not wash my customs list of favorite action games, but God knows he was close.

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