Review: Darksiders 3 – Apocalypse Now

I put a lot of hopes in this game, and although this game has some good things, I was eventually disappointed. Darksiders games have always been a kind of anomaly in my eyes. The first game of 2010 featuring the first difference of the Apocalypse, War, is considered by many to be the best game in the series – and the truth is that I can understand them: this is a very solid action game, and the second game, still more controversial among fans, is still a good game by My opinion with a good story, good gameplay and great progress in the game in terms of options for weapons and other things that will make you continue to play in the semi-open world of THQ. But on the other hand, the games never sold too many copies, certainly not in a way that matched the amount of investment. About a year after the exit of the second game, THQ closed and with it the hopes of many people to see the third and fourth games and the continuation of the story of the horsemen of the apocalypse. So when THQ was re-established as THQ Nordic and took under the wing of developers to prepare the next game in the series, most of the action game fans and Darksiders fans were in the sky from the pictures and videos they saw. So how is he really, now that he’s out? Let’s see. Can I offer you a mastery workshop, madam? The game is doing quite a few good things, which I’ll be coming to soon, but the problems have come to me from the start, when my first problem with the game was the story. I will not lie, the story itself is quite reasonable: just like the previous two games, here too the story of the game runs parallel to previous games this time we play as Fury, another one of the four cavalry apocalypse.

While War is accused of causing the Apocalypse and Death goes out to clear his name, Fury takes upon her the mission to hunt down the Seven Sins. The story goes on and on when twists are thrown at you from the right and the left, but in the end many things in the plot of the game were not clear to me and some of the entanglements of the plot were not useful at best. In addition, Fury did not give me any kind of sympathy or empathy for her during the game. She behaves more arrogantly than her two brothers and while she really has very funny texts, every bad thing that happened to her felt as though he had come to her. The game tries to empathize with Fury in several different scenes in the game and especially towards the end, but because of how it relates to people and other characters I just did not care about her. Some would say it was a bad thing, but given the number of times she died in the game, it might have been better. You Died Disclosure, I am a great fan of Souls games. I have not finished all of them yet, when you have Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 I need to finish well, but I always enjoyed this style of games that combine accuracy with high-difficulty and non-merry gameplay until the end of the game.. It seemed that the developers of the game looked at the games in this style and tried to do something similar with their game, only in this case I do not think it worked for them properly. First of all, let’s start with the things Darksiders 3 is similar to Dark Souls: In both games, each opponent presents a challenge to the player, with no careful movement to either mouth or there you can easily cause your death.

It does not matter if it’s a warrior with a huge ax from fire or a skeleton warrior with a simple sword – if you do not notice what’s going on around you, it’s likely that in three or four strokes your game will end and you’ll have to go back to the nearest Check Point. The game also takes all the souls to the player that he collected between the check points when he died, waiting for him comfortably in the area where he died. The game also targets a lot of deaths with its building phases, when enemies can pop up behind you in moments you do not expect at all. So far, I have not presented anything different from a regular Dark Souls game, but the playfulness of Darksiders is in its tracks in this respect. Darksiders 3 is an action game in the full sense of the word, and as an action game it is fun and nervous: I really enjoyed killing my opponents with the help of the whip and the various weapons in the game, doing all kinds of combos that made me jump into the air. In terms of how the game takes itself in this sense, it reminded me a lot of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta, but something specific that is important to understand about these two games, and what made me suffer while I played is the fact that this game encourages very much to enter the center of the battlefield. As Fury I had a very natural look to get into a battle against five or six different fighters at once and start making combos with the aim of defeating them all, but very quickly it felt like the game was hitting me on the hand as if saying “. “And instead directs me to play at a slower pace in which I take every step I take. Any opponent can beat Fury in 3 to 5 hits, and the game does not enjoy giving the player options to heal himself. The game allows you to enter a special form in which Fury uses her real power as an apocalypse episode and then she gets added to her damage power and also practices herself, but those moments that also made me feel like I’m playing again in the action game were relatively few.

Once you take a character like Fury the option to slaughter everything that goes in her way, it felt like they had taken a handball. The fun of the game dropped significantly at this moment, when this form of the game really did not fit the Leviev of the game and not to this playfulness. It is impossible to ignore an unreasonable difficulty level and to wave it aside on the grounds of “Git Gud”. A hard but well built game gives us games like Bloodborne, Super Meat Boy and Cuphead, while everyone is fun and incredibly fun even with their hysterical difficulty. A hard game but not well built or in a way that does not fit more games that just was not really fun to play them. In terms of the other things that the game offers, you can find here a very basic upgrade system and puzzles and puzzles that are properly built, feel old fashioned compared to things we got this year and last year from games such as God of War and Breath of the Wild that showed us clever puzzles that made me think. The game surprises here and there with some moment you say to yourself “Ahhh, that’s how I’m supposed to do it. “But I did not experience it a lot. Will tell the game that he has put his check points in relatively comfortable places so that even if you die a lot, you do not usually go back. Bomb design, graphics and world floor of the beautiful game.

True, I’ve talked about a lot of ugly things about the logical design of the game but the artistic design is certainly worth noting. The different worlds that we are going through look like they came out of a film dealing with apocalypse. The different characters are beautifully designed, and you can really look at these worlds and see the investment they made in this world before the game. Another thing I loved to see is the animation, as both Fury and her enemies display great animations and the least fun they have invested in is the overall graphics of the game. Most of the time it looks like it came from 2012, when I do not really understand if there is a big difference between it and the Darksiders 2 graphically. The game uses things like TressFX for Fury’s hair but about there things are going to impress me about the game’s graphics. In addition, I played the game on the PS4 Pro and although the game ran at 30 frames per second , I still experienced frequent falls in performance, which really bothered me to play. The bottom line I put a lot of hopes on THQ Nordic and their new game in the Darksiders series, but unlike the two predecessors, the attempt to do something completely new with this game was in the offing. Not all is bad – sure action lovers will find fun in the fast and furious action of Fury’s spectacular game and combo, but almost everything else the game tries to do falls: the level of difficulty is too high for how the game chooses to play, the story is unclear, the main character, unlike the previous two games I did not like any stage of the game and I honestly can not say I can recommend the game to the most devout fans of the series. Darksiders 3 does not understand what it is trying to be in terms of sub-genre and gameplay and unfortunately the game falls far from the previous two games in the series. Many times you see series of games that develop over the years, update their gameplay and give fans more and more reasons to get excited about the emergence of a new game in the series.

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