Review: Captain Marvel – Thanos, behind you

Gal shares with us her thoughts about the newest film of Marvel’s cinematic world. So what did she think of him? Critic’s comment: The review is clean of spoilers, have fun! Higher, Further, Faster The character of Captain Marvel has undergone many transformations since it was first written somewhere in 1968. First it was Walter Lawson who took the title, and the original story appears as a mentor of Carol Danvers? Which we meet on screen, played by actress Barry Larson. Comic fans among you probably remember that Carol Danvers first appeared as “Mrs. Marvel” and not Captain. When the original story is so entangled and spread over decades of comics, it is admirable in my eyes to see how it was refined into a single script that perfectly combines the best parts of it. But why was there so much hype about the film’s release, more than other original Marvell films? The reason lies in the After Credits footage of the movie “The Avengers: The War of Infinity”. Dr. Maria Hill and the organization’s chairman, Nick Fury, as soon as they realize the enormity of the disaster the world is in, and even begin to be wiped out of the world by themselves. Just before Nick Fury disappears completely, he has enough to press a pager and we get an iconic closeup of Captain Marvel’s symbol? And realize that at this crucial moment, Fury calls on her to save the situation. These are high expectations of the figure, for if the whole bunch of avengers and galaxy guards could not stand the threat of Thanos? How will they do it when only half of them survive, and the only reinforcement they get is a heroine they do not even know? This question is exactly the essence of Captain Marvel’s film.

At the beginning of the film there is an exciting tribute to Stan Lee, who died a few months ago, and if you are a venerable admirer of Marvel? You will not want to miss her. The whole hall applauded and honored this great man when it was over. I will start by saying that if you want to get to the film as ready as possible? First of all, it is clear that it is important for you to observe the Infinite War, but also in the Galactic Guard part 1, since certain characters appear there. As for the film itself, I enjoyed the film very much, and I think it transcends the Black Panther’s original films, Iron Man and Thur . However, he is not without problems, such as a slow start with Star Wars Vibe who felt a little forced? But to my delight, the film was solved. The film will get you into the Nineties for the first few minutes after the exposition. It is evident in the surrounding setting, in costumes, in the perfect soundtrack and of course? Nick Fury with 2 healthy eyes and yes, the rumors are true: find out how he lost his eye, which is better than they could imagine. Captain Marvel is excellent not only at the level of action: the comedic elements in it are just wonderful, the plot is full of Twists and the chemistry of Barry Larson and Samuel L.. Jackson feels like they know each other from kindergarten. With all due respect to Gal Gadot, whose success really touched me on a personal level, ‘Wondraumann’ is not even close to the ‘Captain Marvel’ competition, and will you? I do not even like to compare them, because apart from the work they both do with blessed work in bringing a strong female figure to the screen and breaking the boxes? There is nothing like them.

Each character in this film is interesting, round and badass in its own way, even if it is on our side or side of the enemy. I fell in love with Fiori, who turns out to be full of humor and not just a tough agency manager. . Berry Larson stirred up a storm before the film’s release, Barry Larson awakened all politically correct haters when she said she wanted more variety in people interviewing her for the film’s release. What it means? She just wanted to see a little more women and minorities around her, and give everyone an equal opportunity, certainly not at the cost of someone else. All over the web you will find comments like “I’m a white man, can I watch this movie?” And the more extreme views with “Berry Larson destroyed Marvell”. Many surfers even increased and began to lower the rating of the film Rotten Tomatoes site before it was released only to express their protest, and therefore the site blocked the possibility to visit a movie and give it a score before its date of departure. So first of all, it will take a great deal to destroy Marvell, one of the most profitable corporations today, especially when they are part of an even bigger corporation? Disney. Second, and be with me, because it’s quite complicated: Barry Larson did not attack anybody. Oh wait, so it really is not that complicated.

The actress simply asked for diversity in the people who interviewed her. Internet trolls like to blow up stories, compose quotes from past years and match that to their agenda. Take advice from me: Do not generally believe everything you read on the Internet, especially in this case, if you listen for a moment to these trolls? You’ll lose an excellent movie made of everything we love and make Marvell reach the status they are in today. The bottom line is to see ‘Captain Marvel’ whether or not you’re a strong MCU fan. It’s a light, funny, action-packed, and just fun movie. ‘The War of Infinity’ left me with a rift in my heart that Captain Marvel managed to temporarily heal. Still, I went out with a hype even bigger than I had for Avengers: Endgame. If I were Thanos, I’d start to be afraid.

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