Review: Anthem – How Heroes Fell

Disappointment, rage, pain and pity – all these describe what I think about the game and Bioware. The look at Anthem was provided by Adly United, which brought us a copy of the game. Thank you! Disclosure before I start the review: I did not finish the game. It really saddens me to say, because that means I’m leaving quite a bit of the game when I talk about criticism, but I can not finish this game. It’s not that I did not spend time in front of the game, on the contrary: I think that except to play Tetris 99 on my switch , I did not touch any game other than Anthem. The problem begins and perhaps lies in the fact that out of something like the 15 hours I played in the game, I spent most of the time trying to get into the game, loading screens, stuck in different places on the map, and worst of all – in front of the main screen of the game,. So I finished most of the story tasks and from what I managed to survive in the game of EA and Bioware, all that was left was to answer the question: Is it worth playing this game in its current state? The heart of the fury The story of the game, as befits a game of Bioware, contains an entire world with an entire history. We play a character in the world of the game and its role is to be Freelancer. This character is part of a group of freelancers whose goal is to protect humanity located in big cities in the world playing with the Iron Man style suits with different abilities.

Our region called Bastion and the city in which it is located, Fort Tarsis, sees your character as the last hope of humanity. The story continues to grow and grow as we learn about the history of the world, the gods who created it, the struggles for control over the forces in it, the greatest force in this world, Anthem of Creation and more details about the great world of the game. Now all this was wonderful to me. If the game would let me experience the story significantly. Unlike other company games such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect, here I did not feel like the story was moving with me, but rather beside me. If in games such as Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect 2 I had serious choices that affected the life of my character and the world around her, here I almost had no choices to make . It is true that the game continues to strive for the central theme of “You are the only hope of the people of Fort Tarsis and everyone trusts you,” but without serious dialogues, significant side missions and other interesting figures in Anthem’s world, why would I feel connected to my character, the world and the story in some way? In addition, it does not help that the game puts a very strong emphasis on the side of his multiplayer without reference to him at all in the story. Who are the people in your group, where they came from, how they are related to you – all these questions get zero answers during the game. Moreover, if you play with friends and talk to them during the game you may miss some of the dialogues between your character and the various characters that accompany him in the game, which further throws down this theme of the story and the world of the game that simply does not have a good place here. It’s really weird for me to recommend it, but if you really want to experience Anthem’s story in a good way – do not play with friends at all.

It will be more difficult and annoying, but at least you will experience the world of the game better. But even then, the game sometimes locks story missions as long as you go around the world and gather things or do other side missions like kill 50 enemies with special attacks or revive three different people who have fallen in battle and the obvious question is. Why? Why do I have to do these tasks if they do not serve me at all and do not affect me in any way? Some of these tasks are at the level of a free MMORPG game from the early 2000s. What happened to Bioware that would send me on side missions that would only enrich the story and have effects on the rest of the game? Where is the originality that so characterized the developer of the glorious RPG games? D The Jo Woo Apparently the originality died when the developers decided they were going to make a Destiny-style game with touches from The Division. There are four different types of Javelins, our special suits that allow us to fight the various enemies and fly in the air, when everyone is very different from each other in terms of style of play, which gives people the opportunity to choose how they want to play. Our enemies in the game are very similar to each other and are nothing worth talking about. In short, we have the Outlaws, which are the equivalent of the game for pirates living outside the walls, the Scars, a kind of human-like insects, and the Dominion, a kind of terror group that seeks to use the power of the Anthem of Creation for its own benefit. In all of them the event is quite similar: you have their simple soldiers, specials and bosses. In terms of gameplay itself, during the first few hours of our game I received very strong Destiny chips, and I do not think the developers tried to hide it: the shooting game is similar and excellent in the same way, the different abilities are quite similar to those in the Bungie game and even the various tasks that include fighting waves after waves Of enemies is not much different from the game that came out about a year and a half ago. There is no problem in principle in itself, since the gameplay also adds various other features: Combo mechanism allows you to do more damage to enemies after you have frozen them, leading them to experiment with new capabilities, and flying in the air is simply wonderful .

My only problem is that it still feels like “Been there, done that”. The game does not do enough to renew the format and give the players this wow they’re looking for when they get to the AAA game like Anthem. I lack more abilities, more elements of play, something that will give me reason to continue developing my character. In most games that include multiplayer elements like this game, the possibility of getting more powerful equipment is the main motive, but here too the game simply does a total injustice to its players. Most of the equipment and abilities you get in the game – most of them simply are not good. The variety of weapons you get from the various missions is very low, with most of the weapons that you receive will repeat themselves with very minor changes. If I spent 15-20 minutes now in some task, or just wandering around the world while I try to complete silly challenges to continue with the story of the game, I want to see a reward for that. Also from the Stronghold missions I made , most of the weapons I got dismantled for parts because I did not use them at all. When it’s hard to get new weapons or it’s not clear where to get them, it feels like the game does not give the player back many hours of investment to finish the big tasks with friends. Again, it’s important to note: I did not touch the End Game and Strongholds at the end of the game, so I can not testify about the quality of the Loot on these missions, but the reason I did not get them is in the next part of the review.

The next picture is the screen I saw the most while I prepared the criticism for the game: I do not know how many years Anthem was developing. I’m not sure how many preparations were in terms of game servers from the side of EA and Bioware. I do not know how many checks were made by the QA team of the game. But no matter what the answers to these questions, the fact here is very simple: there is, and will not be a good enough excuse that a game in the size of Anthem comes in so broken state, even two weeks after the exit of the game. The collection of mishaps, bugs, and strange things that happened to me during the preparation of the review: – In one of the story’s tasks the game enters Cutscene. Suddenly the game came out of the little movie that he introduced to me just to show my character in a falling animation in the middle of nowhere without being able to do anything and with unbearable noise. When the Cutscene was over, the game was kind enough to bring me back to life. I finished a Stronghold mission that took a lot of time , just to see that all the equipment I had accumulated during the mission disappeared as if it was not. – My character “disappeared” during a mission. I could play the entire mission, but the character traveling in Javelin was not there.

– The story with the collapse of PS4 devices? I did not happen personally but happened to a friend I played with who told me that he was not going to touch the game anymore – and the cherry on the cake: almost every task ending, every transition between tasks, loading story scenes, To see what weapons I want to try now, each time I looked at the screen and blinked – the game cut me off and I had to reconnect. I think that most of them, the last clause is the one that broke me . At this point I decided to leave the game and sit down to write the review because at the rate I played the game, if I continued it was a critique of how the loading screen of Anthem looks . Maybe I should not judge the game in its current state. Maybe these are just very difficult birth pains, but add to that the fact that I did not really enjoy the game and I’m left with the question: “Why continue?”. I can start checking out other games that come out this month, try to learn a new language, volunteer in the community. Just do not sit in front of the main screen of Anthem. The Bottom Line Even if we put aside all the technical failures, bugs, and disconnects I’ve experienced during the game, it’s a bit hard for me to shake the fact that in the end it’s a mediocre game at best. The music of the game is very memorable, the gameplay, while still good, is still very generic and reminds me of a lot of games I’ve played in the past with minor changes, the weaponry and new abilities are acting in a way that does not serve the player and does not encourage progress in the game.. But the worst, the worst, is the story and the construction of the world of Anthem.

I did not mention this at the beginning of the article, but it was not a secret that until a few years ago, the name Bioware was identified with wonderful stories and wonderful worlds, funny dialogues and amazing choices. Here I had none of that.

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