The Upgrade Shows: The 2015 Computer

What will the ultimate computer look like last year? Roy Alloe chooses his favorite hardware The year 2015 brought with it many innovations in the computer sector that deserves its own corner in the summary of the year, so here it goes: the 2015 computer with all its parts. My choices for computer parts do not necessarily represent the best parts at the benchmark level, but the companies and products that brought something a bit else to the market. Here too the elections are personal and based on my personal opinion. If you have not already, visit the 2015 summary of technology and hardware for products and companies that have been able to stand out over the competition in the past year. So, come on, let’s get started? Processor: Intel i7-6700K After Skylike’s processors were officially launched, it soon became clear who was going to rule here. I chose Intel’s 6700k for two reasons: 1. AMD has not launched a worthy competitor this year. The Overclocking group managed to achieve a working frequency of 6. 8 GHz, very impressive! So the 6700k deserves a place of honor.

Noctua NH D15 Noctua is known as a company whose entire cooling system sets a new standard, but this time they outdone themselves. With a huge cooling fan and a capacity of up to three fans on the heat sink, Nutuah has achieved the highest cooling-performance ratio today and has managed to beat the most advanced water coolers on the market with a much simpler system of air cooling. Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS VIII EXTREME To know a lot of people, ASUS is the best motherboards manufacturer there is today. With each generation of processors it launches the Maximus series that have everything. The Extreme VII model does give us everything from support for overclock, DDR4 support, wireless Internet device, advanced sound card to USB-C. This is by far the best board you can buy today. RAM: ADATA XPG Z1 DDR4 The launch of the sixth generation processors – SkyLike pushed the DDR4 memories to center stage and thanks to the price that goes down every day, DDR4 memories take over the market quickly. If you are a gamers, you should always buy a memory from a well-known company that you trust, and Adata never disappoints me. Video Card: The R9 Nano AMD presented this year at the E3 conference at a press conference focused on PC its new series of graphics cards. Among the new cards presented was one small but very interesting card, the R9 Nano.

AMD has been able to compress a video card that can deliver 4K performance on a tiny 15 cm video card. This is a technology developed by AMD and allows to significantly reduce the cards and allow small computers that could not normally enjoy 4K due to the size of the graphics cards, enjoy games in 4K. 2 SSD Samsung has been able to develop one of today’s fastest drives competing against the Intel 750 SSD drive with a write speed of 1.5 gigabytes per second and a write speed of 2.5 gigabytes per second. The drive has reached overheating due to high effort due to high performance, but as ordinary users you do not have to worry: you will still get crazy read / write speeds without pushing performance to the end. Power supply: Evga 700B Evga has managed to shock the power supply market by announcing a power supply capable of generating 700 watts in addition to the bronze / bronze rating, with a $ 50 price tag – about 200 shekels. With a low price tag are forced to make concessions like the lack of connections to growers, but for the low price is still a very profitable deal. Package: Lian Li PC-08 Lian Li has always been a company that creates beautiful and different packages from the other companies. The latest chassis of the company is undoubtedly the most beautiful package launched this year, thanks to the glass body whose sole purpose is to display your computer with a flattering LED lamp.

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