The Henhouse: Viva Las Vegas!

By: Adi Pearl The situation: In a messy and half-dark casino, sitting around a poker table Texas Hold’em – a serpent in a business suit and a tie in a dealer’s uniform. The casino doors open and I walk in, wearing an anti-radiation suit and carrying a metal suitcase. I take off my suit and sit down with my suitcase at the table. “Excuse me, but your delay is just insolence,” snorted the snake. Are you in a hurry? “. “Let’s start the game, gentlemen?” Asked the chameleon, her hand changing colors according to the color of the cards. I glanced at both my cards and took out the first egg from the suitcase. “I’m betting on World of Warcraft’s egg,” I said, wheeling it into the center. “Compares,” said the snake, “and up with an egg of Black Opsssss”.

The dealer revealed the last card. “Adds Portal Egg,” I said. “Equates, and up with an egg of Metal Gear Ssssolid,” said the snake. I exchanged penetrating glances with my opponent. Does he have a winning hand or are the stories about his cunning justified? I decided to compare the bet. Now comes the moment of truth. “A pair of kings and a pair of aces,” the serpent squealed with delight. Without waiting, he went to collect the spaces into the folds of his tail until he noticed a smile smeared across my face. “Aces trio,” I revealed my cards. The serpent’s tongue dropped from his mouth as he stared at the cards in utter amazement.

“Come on, Diller, mix up, I’ll have to go soon,” I said as I picked up the eggs, but the chameleon disappeared. The serpent and I looked around for her, when suddenly I noticed traces of footprints on the dusty floor leading to my suitcase, from which floated an egg at very low altitude. “Aaaaaa!” The chameleon yelled in pain as I kicked her in the air away from the suitcase. The egg that tried to steal flew dangerously in the air, and it was lucky that I caught it. But it seems that at that moment I ran out of luck, because the invisible ace slipped off the sleeve and fell to the floor. “Cheater! Cried the serpent, revealing a pair of poisonous fangs and leaping toward me as if he were biting himself. With a swift movement, I pulled out my alien laser gun, which fanned my nervous adversary in a second air before he sank his teeth into me. Another routine day in the life of the new Vegas Egg Collector. The guide to surviving in the wilderness at Fallout 3, one of the quests was to help write a survival book called the Wasteland Survival Guide. In New Vegas you can find the guide and enjoy the fruit of your work from the previous game.

The chapter “How to drink from the toilet without vomiting your soul” seems particularly useful to me. George’s eggs here we have two eggs for the price of one? One egg of Indiana Jones in the fridge, which we had already published in the corner of the past, and a second egg with two scorched skeletons, Owen and Bro, who happened to be the names of the adoptive parents and relatives of Luke Skywalker, who were killed by the Empire in Star Wars:. A pair of wet queens made your way to the abandoned mine and entered the lake in it. Deep down there is a poker table and around it are a few guys who just did not know when to retire. Back to cave drawings northeast of Bloodborne Cave there is another cave. Go inside and finish off the guard who is blocking you. Inside the cave they wandered deeper inside and found a painting on the wall of the cave, the version of the nuclear past-apocalypse. And there’s another place or two in the game where you can find these murals. Steve was here watching the video and reached the secret valley described on the map.

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