New Mobile: Save The World In Style

Are you out of the interesting games on your smartphone or tablet? Want to feel like heroes and save the world? This time I have a collection of heroic games for you and all of them The main goal is to save the world from. Let’s start with Bion and the Cyberpunk atmosphere on TouchTone for iOS In the TouchTone game we are recruited to the NSA and help it break into files, folders and correspondences of people who endanger the security of the country. All this is done in puzzles, in which we must connect different colored currents to their touch points with mirrors. As the game progresses, the level of difficulty increases, the challenge increases and the game becomes more interesting. So too the plot thickens and becomes more convoluted. TouchTone is very fun, presents a great mental challenge, the plot is interesting and the music adds to the experience. warmly recommended! Another recommended game is Stormblades for Android and iOS Stormblades is a classic Hack and Slash game in which we play a young warrior who is sent on a journey through ancient ruins to undergo a transition ceremony in which he has to prove his abilities. In the game we fight a variety of enemies, from stone fighters to giant bosses. The complex stages of a series of battles followed by the improvement and upgrading of our weapons.

The game also offers improvements to the sword of the character by collecting crystals during the stages – of course the crystals are not always sufficient but this is not mandatory and therefore can play without spending money to achieve the missing crystals. Control of the game is done by finger gestures such as skating or drumming on the screen. The graphics are very impressive for mobile gaming and will probably require you to have an up-to-date device with enough hardware. Recommended for anyone looking for action and impressive graphics. Another game to try is League of Light Dark Omen for Android and iOS League of Light Dark Omen is a game of puzzles, which we are asked to join the League of Light secret. During the game we will need to help her friends discover what and who is behind the mysterious attacks of the animal that is threatening the villagers. League of Light Dark Omen is a classic point & click game with elements of finding objects in the full screen of items that are there to distract our attention. The game is filled with puzzles and hints that need to be solved in order to advance. The League of Light Dark Omen has nice graphics and atmospheric music. Our last game for this time is Road To Dragons for Android and iOS Road To Dragons is a Japanese role-playing game about a world where people fought dragons.

For years they fought each other and as soon as the battle was almost won in favor of mankind, disaster struck the world. Then came a giant dragon who had devoured and destroyed the whole world, and now we went to battle and save the world. In Road To Dragons we have to choose one of four characters, each with its own advantages. The battle system consists of two parts: one is a panel on which we must press to advance and fight, and the other is the screen on which the action takes place. As mentioned above, the section on which the panels are used serves us both for movement and for battle, as we move on the panels there are arrows that advance us. During the battle of the panels, they become icons of weapons and magic, which they have to click or attach a number of panels together to a strong combination strike. As befits a role-playing game, there is an extensive character enhancement and weapons system. The game is colorful, fast, fun and interesting.

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