Final Tournament Ut, Far From Expected.

The four-player FFA tournament ended, and did not disappoint for a minute! Every minute was worth watching and every killing looked like an eternity. The first finals were Rankin: 2 Xeon and Raziel and two other players: Kyl3 and Gangman. In an interview before the game Raziel scorned his opponent Xeon and said: “I am based on the fact that I can kill all three simultaneously with more or less the same amount of effort,” but fate probably thought differently. The finals started in a very stretchy way. 5 minutes into the game the players were attached to each other like a Polish for a radiator on a rainy winter night. Gangman’s lead was only 2 points from the last place. As the game progressed began to show change – Raziel began to open a big gap and left them all behind. At this point Xeon was ranked fourth with 18 points compared to Raziel’s 26. But five minutes later, Xeon grabbed himself.

It started with a very fast killing sequence and nearly doubled its score in less than 3 minutes, ending with 32 for Xeon and 36 for Raziel. Raziel understood the hint, and opened for him in less than a minute a gap of 10 points on the Xeon. Two and a half minutes left and the game seemed lost to the Xeon, but the huge gap did not stop him and he broke into another series of quick kills. Half a minute to the difference was 4. Tension is high – can Xeon make the game in the last few seconds? He killed again, and again, and got point by point! At the end of the game, in a very tight match, Raziel won by just one point! The second finals, which took place on the Campgrounds map, were played only on Saturday night due to problems with the previous date. Rapid was supposed to play was replaced by PartyPooper because he did not come to the game. As I wrote in the pre-final coverage – here was a single favorite – Chaosisback . Together with him and PartyPooper were also played Kryptonite and m. The game started and as expected Chaos led. But after a few minutes m.

l grabbed the first place. These were the first minutes of the game and the lead seemed random, but as the game progressed, the lead was maintained. 5 minutes in the game, 10 minutes, m. l led when chaosisback could not even come close to a 3-point difference! When the game was over, we were in shock. In spite of all the predictions, he won the most powerful favorite in the competition . A small interview I conducted with m. l After the game: Q: Matan, have you won the strongest competition of the competition, surprised by yourself? A: Actually, Mickey has been a strong player for many years in the community but it was not just a game against him, there were more players and most of my points were on them. Q: It is known that FFA is not 1 by 1. What did you do to make better use of the game? A: Aside from trying to control the addition of 100 shields, I tried not to enter the battle, but to wait for the others to weaken each other and then “steal”. Q: In fact, you broke authority – you showed all players that it was possible to win the game even if you are facing a player like Chaosisback. Do you feel like a leader? Why do not you go to revolt? A: Again, it was a game of FFA4.

Mickey is still a strong player and most of the major tournaments in Israel are 1 on 1 where he will win. What this game does teach is that it is fun to beat up the weak. Q: On this optimistic note I will say good-bye to you, and I would like you to enjoy the prestigious prize that you receive.

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