Fiesta: Free Mass Game

They say that anything good costs money, but in the game world it is not always the truth. There are mass network games that provide a fun and quality gaming experience without a monthly fee? And today: Fiesta. Mass network games are best known for their ability to turn every courageous person daring to tread their world into another addicted victim. Huge game worlds, millions of active players and continuous enjoyment? All these make the field very successful, but do we really have to pay each month to play? no! There are completely free games that can be downloaded, installed and played, free of charge – and today we review one of them: Fiesta . The celebration begins when you enter the game, you can immediately choose a character among the four possibilities – warrior, arch, priest and magician. Not everyone likes to delve too deeply into their character development, so in Fiesta they prefer to go for simple – each time you graduate you get a number of points to add to your data and how many levels you can buy new abilities. What a beauty! If there is a new world, at least it will be interesting? Fiesta fulfills this in its own way and offers us a large and colorful three-dimensional world. Whether you choose to explore the ancient Alps or Ghost Cave, you are assured of enchanting and delightful landscapes with a special touch. Compared to a free game, the graphics are certainly respectable.

Although not trying to show off a new graphics engine, the game developers chose to present us with an animated, anime-like style that could talk to actors of all ages and create a cartoon atmosphere. how do you play? The method of play is simple and quite intuitive. You can go on missions, fight monsters and increase levels. Over time, they will develop new combat capabilities and acquire more powerful equipment. During your travels, you can ‘rest’ anywhere in the world to gain back points of life and strength, and move on. For those of you who are looking to be competitive , there are special battle areas that you will have access to in the game cities already at the beginning of the game. Upon entering, you will immediately begin to demonstrate skills in front of other players at a variety of levels. There is also the possibility of officially joining the guild, and even participating in wars against other guilds. The neighborhood grocery Although there is no monthly fee, the game offers players to pay for special items and bonuses through an interactive store that can be accessed within the game itself. You can convert money for gold game and purchase many items like equipment, riding animals or all kinds of temporary improvements in your abilities.

Unlike other games, in Fiesta we are not committed to the initial look we chose for our image. You can go into beauty shops to change hairstyles, hair color and even the face of your character . If for example you have a bad hair day, you can jump into a beauty salon and change the old pony haircut to a fashionable haircut! Playing with the boss The good feeling of the game world is also related to the fact that the game managers in the fiesta are very helpful to players and are directly involved in everything that goes on, to the point of actually being in the game world with their own characters! In addition, new content is added to the game every day, while recently added to the game the possibility of getting married. The bottom line Although it is not so well known in Israel, Fiesta is a fun game, varied and of course totally free. It offers us a magical experience that is not only for certain ages and can fit everyone.

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